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The Venetian in Las Vegas, Bild: f11photo / shutterstock

The most impressive hotels in the world

For many people, holidays are the absolute highlight of the year. Enjoyment is on the agenda here. Traveling to distant countries and getting to know new cultures ensures that the stressful everyday life takes a back seat. For some holidaymakers, however, it is not the destination that is decisive in the choice, but the hotel. What is surprising at first actually makes sense with these impressive buildings. We present some of the most beautiful hotels where you don’t even have to leave the area to spend a dream holiday!

The Venetian

The casino metropolis of Las Vegas in Nevada is known for its luxury hotels. The Venetian stands out in particular. The hotel was modeled after the floating city of Venice and has its own canal where guests can ride a gondola. The entire hotel complex exudes Italian flair. Various sights have been recreated, including the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Square and the Campanile. In addition, there are numerous entertainment options inside, including a shopping center with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss, a wax museum of Madame Tussauds, several venues for concerts and shows, and the famous casino. The casino offers the most popular card and table games as well as numerous slot machines. However, the Venetian is particularly known for its poker tournaments, which are often played with large stakes. The popularity of poker has regained momentum, mainly due to the growing iGaming industry. On the net, players sit down at the virtual gaming table instead of driving to local poker rooms or visiting a casino. To improve the gaming experience, various guides are also offered, with which
the basics such as the poker order
of the playing cards or the different game variants are explained. The skills learned can then be put to the test in the hotel’s poker rooms.

Buraj al Arab

Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab, the most popular photo motif in Dubai, Image: LongJon / shutterstock

One of the most famous and luxurious hotels in the world is located in the Arab Emirate of Dubai. Even from the outside, the Buraj al Arab is a real feast for the eyes and has now become a prominent part of the skyline. The luxury hotel was modeled on a sail and is practically located directly on the water. Although hotels can actually only achieve up to five stars, the Buraj al Arab describes itself as a seven-star hotel and is not entirely wrong. On its own small island, where only the complex is located, guests are spoiled with everything they can imagine. Dreamlike pool landscapes with a view of the open sea offer the perfect space to unwind. Various bars and restaurants offer culinary variety at toque level, because no half measures are done here. Instead, class is on the menu through and through. If you want to do sports, you will find a huge range of sports here, from tennis on the court to water sports such as water skiing or jet skiing. Of course, we also have our own shopping centre and a private beach. If you want to indulge in absolute luxury, this is the place for you.

The Victoria Falls Hotel

In the heart of Zimbabwe, one of the most impressive hotels in the world is waiting to be discovered. The Victoria Falls Hotel in the eponymous Victoria Falls, a small town in Zimbabwe, was built at the beginning of the 20th century and originally provided accommodation for workers involved in the construction of the railway tracks. Today, it has become one of the most beautiful hotels you can visit in the world. Architecture from the colonial era meets pure luxury. Beautiful pool landscapes in the middle of nature offer the perfect place to relax and enjoy the climate of Zimbabwe. The magnificent suites transport visitors to another time and inspire with their historic charm. The big highlight of the hotel, however, is the private access to Victoria Falls, the fantastically beautiful waterfalls for which the place is known. You can take a trip to the natural spectacle or simply admire the beautiful rock and water formations directly from the terrace of the hotel.

Some hotels are so beautiful that you don’t even want to leave them. If you book one of the luxury palaces from our list, you don’t have to think about much of a program, because there is enough to do and see here to fill an entire vacation.