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Die Basilika Sagrada, Bild: TTstudio / shutterstock

The most beautiful sights in Barcelona

The Catalan city of Barcelona has become one of the most popular destinations for city trips in Europe over the past twenty years. With its unique architectural charm, wonderful and hearty Spanish cuisine, and a variety of attractions, the city invites you to do more than just a simple weekend trip. While you can certainly stroll effortlessly for days through the beautiful shopping streets, the beach or the cafes and tapas bars of Barcelona, you will certainly want to discover one or the other sight. Both culturally and historically, there are a few things on offer in the city.

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1. The Sagrada Familia Church

What once began as a private project has developed into the unofficial landmark of the city over the decades. The still unfinished church, designed by Gaudí and built by him alone in the first few years, has now been under construction for over 140 years. With its many towers, neo-Gothic architecture, and curious history, the church has become one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions. If the city’s plans go according to plan, the landmark should finally be completed by 2026. However, the building can already be admired not only from the outside, but also offers a variety of interesting guided tours that deal with the history of the building and the city.

Casa Milà & Casa Batlló

Another building by Gaudi, who architecturally shaped the city like no other person. At the request of an eccentric widow, the structure was designed and built on the corner of Passeig de Gràcia, and in the first few months of work on the façade was reminiscent of a quarry – the reason for its nickname in the Spanish language. Today, the building with its modernist furnishings can be visited and especially from the roof terrace you have a great overview of the city. If you haven’t had enough of Gaudi’s talent, Casa Batlló is another work in Barcelona that attracts attention above all with its colorful windows and special shapes.

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3. La Rambla / The Ramblas

The heart of Barcelona is La Rambla. Hardly any other place is so closely associated with the vibrant life in the Catalan metropolis and nowhere else will you find so many people. The avenue leads down to the port of Barcelona and has a lot to offer from shops to cafes, tapas bars and restaurants of different price ranges. Above all, however, it is the street musicians, the artists and the many small sights for the eye that make a visit to the lifeline of Barcelona so appealing. Hardly anywhere else can you get such an insight into what Barcelona stands for and is appreciated today.

4. Port Vell – the port of Barcelona

Port of Barcelona
The port of Barcelona, Image: PicMy / shutterstock

If you have arrived at the end of the Ramblas, you will find yourself directly in the beautiful port of Barcelona. For centuries, it was the center of the flourishing economy of the metropolis in the Middle Ages and even today there are various sights for visitors to find here. In addition to the fishermen, who still sell their goods directly in a remote part of the port, the largest shopping centre in the city is also located here. Above all, however, you can stroll along the coastline and let the sea work its magic on you. A long walk along the harbour should definitely become part of your own experience of Barcelona – it is still one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

5. Barcelona Beach

With all the sights and cultural and architectural sights of the city, it is sometimes easy to forget that Barcelona also has some beautiful city beaches to offer. The most popular specimen is located in Barceloneta and offers the right base for an excursion for the whole family. Not only can you plunge into the waters here, but there are also various restaurants and activities that invite you to sit back and enjoy your time on the beach. Just right if you need a break from the vibrant life of the city.

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6. Barri Gòtic – the Gothic Quarter

Getting around the historic district of Barcelona
On the road in the historic district of Barcelona, Image: puyalroyo / shutterstock

If you want to take a long look at historic Barcelona, you should take the time to explore the city’s Gothic Quarter. The high lords lived here as early as the Middle Ages. In addition to the narrow streets between the historic buildings, there are rows of ruins that date back to Roman times. Next to palaces and the cathedral of Barcelona once lived the nobles who decided the fate of Aragon, the former kingdom. Only here do you really get an insight into how the city behaved in the Middle Ages and how people lived here. This is an easy way to spend a whole day in Barcelona.

7. Picasso Museum Barcelona

The Museum of Picasso is representative of various museums that are located in the city of Barcelona. While this is about the works of an artist who is closely connected to the city, Barcelona is home to various art museums, galleries and art galleries. In addition, the museums offer a deep insight into the history of the city, explain the culture of the Catalans or deal with the port. If you want to take the time to visit only the most important and impressive museums in the city, you should plan a few days.