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Die erste eigene Reise ist für alle Jugendlichen ein tief prägendes Erlebnis, Bild: Lucky Business/shutterstock

The first youth trip – When the offspring slowly fledges

Perhaps your offspring has already expressed the desire to take part in a youth trip. If this is the case, you should definitely deal with this topic. Of course, many teenagers think first and foremost of the personal freedom associated with such a trip. On the other hand, you should be aware that young people learn a lot far away from home and that a youth trip also means a good deal of responsibility. Renowned travel agents such as the Atosto Holiday Camp offer a full range of solutions from language trips to sports camps.

Language trip – Not only in terms of education with a high learning effect

Youth Language Travel
During a language trip, the offspring get to know another culture in addition to the language, Image: A StockStudio / shutterstock

There are several different types of youth trips. A good example of this is the language trip, which has enjoyed great popularity for decades. Has your son just graduated from high school and would like to improve his knowledge of a certain foreign language before starting his studies? Then a language trip would definitely make sense. Of course, the stay should take place in a country where the respective language functions as the national or official language. In the presence of native speakers, you learn languages particularly efficiently. This applies to the lessons as well as to the host families in which the students are accommodated.

A youth trip in the form of a language trip, for example to England, has a positive effect on the independence of a young person who cuts the cord from his parents. Far away from home, he learns the right way to handle money by being able to manage the means available to him himself. Those who get into trouble abroad are more likely to look for a solution to their problem themselves or to contact the local contact person before calling their parents at home.

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Sports trip – Us against the rest of the world

A sports trip is particularly suitable as a youth trip, because teens and twenty-somethings can learn the meaning of the word “teamwork” on a holiday of this kind. On the pitch, it’s important to focus first and foremost on winning your own team. This often works better if you take a step back and instead play a style of play that serves the success of the team.

Away from the pitch, the young people get to know living together with their peers and prepare for life in a shared flat, which they may aspire to during their studies or training. They cook, clean, tidy up and shop together. If all participants help, the group will finish work sooner and have more time at the end of the day for activities that the boys and girls enjoy.

Party holiday Youth trip – cutting the cord from parents and bonding with friends

Youth trip beach
Spending a nice time together on the beach on a youth trip, Image: View Apart / shutterstock

Perhaps your offspring would rather have a youth trip in the form of a party holiday. Don’t worry, this is nowhere near as bad as it sounds to some parents. Most young people prefer to spend their holidays with good friends rather than with their parents, because adults usually have other interests and younger people are often bored on holiday with their parents. Do you really want to have a chronically bad-tempered child by your side during the holidays?

You probably still remember your own youth. At a certain age, you also didn’t want to share everything from your life with your parents. In some matters you too have certainly preferred the advice of good friends. A peer can put himself in the shoes of a good friend much better than a parent. A social community of young people of the same age gives a pubescent protection and security in a certain way.

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The supervisors of such a youth trip are pedagogically trained and know very well how to deal with young people. They respond to their needs and let them have a say in the daily routine.

If you decide to let your child take part in a youth trip, give him a good deal of trust. You give him the feeling that you believe in his reason and his personal development. Your child will thank you with openness and closeness. This is very important for a good relationship between parents and children.