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Blick auf Stromboli, Bild: luigi nifosi / shutterstock

The adventurous Stromboli

The island of Stromboli is one of the Aeolian Islands and is located off the coast of Sicily. The island is characterized by the Stromboli volcano of the same name, whose volcanic activity allowed the island to tower above sea level in the first place.

Viewed from the sea, the island has the shape of a cone, as the volcano occupies almost the entire area of the island, which is 12.6 square kilometers. The highest point of the island is located at the top of the volcano and is 926 meters above sea level, which is very exceptional for such a small island.

The name of the island comes from Greek and is probably due to sailors from ancient Greece . Translated, the name of the island is said to mean “round island”, as the volcano formed the island in a round shape due to its nature as a stratovolcano.
Stromboli can now be reached by boat from Naples, Milazzo and Messina.

The inhabitants of the island

Stromboli Location
Image: bierchen / shutterstock

Even today, Stromboli is sparsely inhabited. The volcanic mountain makes it largely impossible to build villages on the island. Since there is no space for fields or pastures, not many people on the island were able to supply themselves with food in the past.

A total of 572 people live on Stromboli spread over two villages. In the northeast of the island is the largest settlement on the island, which is also called Stromboli. Over time, it has grown together from several smaller villages and today forms the center of the island.

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In the southwest of the island there is still the village of Ginostra. However, only 30 people live here, isolated by land from the rest of the island’s inhabitants. To get from Ginostra to the village of Stromboli, you would have to climb the volcano. That’s why boats run regularly between the two villages.

There are almost no cars on the island. Only in the larger village of Stromboli there are some cars, but there are also some electric scooters and small trucks here.

Sights of the island

The reason why most people visit the island is because of the volcano. It is one of the few still active volcanoes in Europe and is therefore a popular destination for people who want to experience the power of nature.

The volcanic crater can be reached from the two villages of the island, but an ascent from the village of Stromboli is much more common than from Ginostra.

Eruption Stromboli
Image: Alfiya Safuanova / shutterstock

It is forbidden under penalty to climb the volcano alone. Tourists can group up and then climb the volcano under the guidance of a local guide. The ascent takes several hours and is very strenuous, especially in summer under the strong southern Italian sun. So if you are considering the climb, you should have sufficient fitness and safe footwear, as the paths are covered by scree.

The ascent usually starts in the afternoon so that the summit can be reached at nightfall. Because then visitors can better observe the small, regular eruptions of the volcano. Small lava fountains and clouds of smoke almost always rise in the crater of the volcano.

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On the northwest side of the crater, a steep slope has formed, known among locals as the “fire slide”. During larger eruptions, the lava flows from the crater into the sea.