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Containerhäuser liegen voll im Trend, Bild: Halfpoint / shutterstock

Special holiday experiences: Test life in a tiny house on holiday

Container houses are becoming increasingly popular and more and more people want to buy a tiny house. To test whether container houses meet your own needs, it is a good idea to spend a holiday in a tiny house.

The Advance of Container Houses

Container houses are not only used for residential purposes. Many people who buy a container house use it as an additional guest room, as a garden shed, as an office space or as a gym. If you want to buy a tiny house, you will soon find that container houses can be built modularly. They are particularly sustainable because freight containers are reused here. There have been people who buy tiny houses since the 80s. The Tiny House movement originated here.

The characteristics of tiny houses made of containers

Cargo containers are fireproof, burglar-proof, water-proof, and shatterproof, making them the most stable modular structures. In addition, containers are stackable. If you want to buy a tiny house, you can therefore adapt it to your needs. Multiple containers can be connected to each other. This can be used not only in the commercial sector, but also in the family. If another child is born, another room can be created with an additional container.

The advantages of container houses

Container houses are more cost-effective than a new building or extension because less material is used and less working time is required. They can be easily transported. This makes container houses even more popular as holiday homes. For example, they can be transported to another location after a few years. If you want to buy a tiny house, you first and foremost want to live flexibly and individually. While the mainstream is still swimming towards the 200 square meter house, the individualists have realized that we live in a world with finite raw materials and that an 8-room kitchen-bathroom is not necessary to be happy. However, buying a tiny house does not mean living like in the Stone Age. All electrical and plumbing connections are provided. Life in a tiny house is just more compact. This requires a reduction to the bare minimum.

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What should you look out for before buying a tiny house?

In the case of container houses, care should be taken to ensure that they can be expanded in a modular manner and have been professionally converted for residential purposes. Problems can arise during the conversion, especially with the connections and windows, because the containers were not designed for connections or for doors and windows. If this work is carried out by a specialist company, no problems arise. There are ready-made standard houses to buy that were made for special purposes or tiny houses can be put together from individual modules.

Spend a holiday in a tiny house

Families, couples and individuals who are not sure whether they want to buy a container house can first spend a holiday in a rented tiny house . In this way, you can find out whether living in a confined space is practical. Regardless of how many modules a tiny house is made up of, it will not reach the size of an average residential house. Although large-scale residential projects can be realised with container houses, they then consist of many individual containers. Here you have to consciously reduce yourself to the bare minimum. Even though many practical built-in wardrobes can be installed in container houses, a longer holiday should be used to test whether many things can be dispensed with. In addition, it can be tested whether the family harmonizes in a smaller space. Tiny houses are usually free-standing, surrounded by gardens.

Buy or rent a tiny house?

The advantage of container houses is that they are not tied to one place and can be sold again. The risk is low, but it can still make sense to test a tiny house before buying it. So you can be sure that this form of living is suitable. If you want to buy a tiny house , you should find out in advance where tiny houses can be placed. In some municipalities this is possible on all building plots, in other municipalities or commercial areas the installation is linked to certain conditions and in most municipalities a building application must be submitted if the container house remains standing for more than three months. A holiday in a tiny house is a recommended way to test whether living in a container house is conceivable.

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