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DIe Skiregion Sonnenwald im Bayerischen Wald, Bild: zflow / shutterstock

Sonnenwald ski area in the Bavarian Forest

Snow-covered treetops glistening in the sun and sparkling light between wintry branches: this is the picture you can see in the Sonnenwald ski area. Here a winter fairy tale becomes reality. A radiant mood and a satisfied smile when you fall into bed tired in the evening: the Sonnenwald lives up to its name!

This destination is one for everyone: in this ski area you can let off steam and discover a lot. Skiing for the whole family – the Sonnenwald ski area in the middle of the Bavarian Forest is a special destination for all those who really want to experience something. Here everyone enjoys an uncomplicated holiday with extra variety. Various slopes and ski lifts guarantee skiing fun for all levels. If skiing is not the focus, then there are also a lot of other activities in the Sonnenwald that young and old can pursue.

The Brotjackl and its history

The most famous mountain in the Sonnenwald ski area is the Brotjacklriegel, also a popular destination in summer. There has been an observation tower on its summit since 1925, which offers breathtaking views over Bavaria. At the Brotjacklriegel there is a varied ski area with many great offers for the whole family.

Baby lifts, toboggan runs or fun parks bring variety to everyday winter life. There is a story about the funny name of this mountain. Supposedly, a bearded little man sought refuge on the mountain during the Swedish War. His name was Jackl and he always had enough bread to eat in front of his cave. Because he did not reveal the secret of his almost inexhaustible supply of bread to the Swedes , they rolled a boulder in front of his cave out of sheer anger. There was a thunderclap and the Swedes were turned into boulders. These are still on the mountain today…

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Another, admittedly not quite as spectacular story, says that the mountain was actually called Breiter Jägerriegel and this name was transformed into “Brotjacklriegel” over time with the help of the dialect.

Up and down again

The bread jack bar, Image: lantapix / shutterstock

Still wobbly on the skis or already safely down the long descent? The various lifts in the Sonnenwald ski area together form a sophisticated concept in which everyone gets their money’s worth. It also has the longest conveyor belt in the entire Bavarian Forest. This allows the youngest ski talents to practice diligently. No one has to practice alone here, because in the Sonnenwald ski area the professionals from the ski school are ready.

The next level is at the Steinberg lift, because if you have practiced well enough, you can have fun here. Practice wild jumps: once through the fun park is not enough! But skiing is not everything. If you want to enjoy the winter fun to the fullest, you have a lot of other options here. In addition to the slope, there is also a toboggan run that tempts you to take fun sleigh rides. By the way, this is not only possible in daylight. Thanks to floodlights, the fun continues even in the dark. When the day comes to an end and the sun goes down, the winter fun is far from over! The lifts have very long opening hours and also good prices. In order to be able to offer families with several children great days of skiing, there are special family tickets here.

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Fun off the slopes

Although the Sonnenwald ski area is not primarily famous for its Aires skiing opportunities, there are a few opportunities to have fun off-piste as well. In this ski area there are a few good places to stop for refreshments not far from skiing fun. And who serves the guests in the Yeti Hut remains a well-kept secret that requires a visit on the spot to find out! If you want to continue the sporting fun, but don’t want to ski every day, you can try cross-country skiing. In addition to the ski slopes in the Sonnenwald, there are also great cross-country trails to explore.

An exploration tour in the Bavarian Forest

So it is very worthwhile to discover the Sonnenwald ski area. The small winter paradise, hidden between ancient tree trunks and sunny slopes, is more than just an insider tip. Whether as a family, as a couple or alone – here it is easy to feel comfortable, to live out your sports and to experience special days that will be remembered forever. The paths in the ski area are short and practical, so you can spend your free time comfortably and don’t have to worry much about the daily routine. The Sonnenwald ski area shows winter at its best – with all the possibilities this season has to offer!