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Segelyachten vor Santa Ponsa, Bild: Video Media Studio Europe / shutterstock

Santa Ponsa in Mallorca

The seaside resort of Santa Ponsa on Mallorca has become one of the most popular destinations on the island of the Balearic Islands in recent years. In addition to some celebrities who have found their home here on the island, Santa Ponsa is best known for the mix of family-friendly hotels and interesting destinations for excursions. Even away from the strongholds of tourists, you can experience a great holiday here and experience all kinds of amenities that Mallorca has to offer. Especially the direct view of the nature of Mallorca has attracted many holidaymakers in recent years.

Small pearl in the southwest of the island

Santa Ponsa Mallorca
View of the coast of Santa Ponsa, Image: vulcano / shutterstock

Most holidaymakers still associate Mallorca with the Ballermann and the capital – but the Balearic island has so much more to offer and has adapted to tourism in all parts of the island in recent years. Far away from party and adventure tourism, for example, there are corners such as Santa Ponsa, which especially attract families with a wide range of offers of all kinds. It certainly helped that some of the prominent emigrants from Germany have opened their cafes and restaurants here – from Daniela Katzenberger to Jürgen Drews, some of the locations in the main town have or had a prominent owner.

The beautiful harbour of the regional town also attracts many yacht and boat owners, especially in summer, who settle here in the harbour and enjoy the many advantages of the region. So a walk along the promenade can be a real highlight if you are interested in the yachts and boats, which can easily cost several million euros.

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In general, the popularity of Santa Prosa comes from the hospitality and the many opportunities you have here during your stay. Countless restaurants and opportunities for shopping make it easy to stroll through the city after a long day on one of the beaches and buy one or two souvenirs from your holiday or enjoy a good meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes.

What should you experience on a holiday in Santa Ponsa?

Beach in Santa Ponsa
Beach in Santa Ponsa, Image: vulcano / shutterstock

Santa Ponsa today is primarily designed for relaxation and recreation. Not only the good opportunities in the city play a role, but of course the two large beaches, with many opportunities for water sports and other activities, attract families and other holidaymakers alike. The Playa del Santa Ponsa stretches around the village and is referred to as the big beach. There is also a small but beautiful sandy beach, the Caló d’en Pallisser. The small beach is a little secluded, but offers just the right flair to just relax a bit and recover in the sun from the stresses of everyday life.

With the rental car, which you can easily get in the city, you can easily go to other parts of the island and explore the nearby Castell de Bellver, for example. An archaeological excavation centre, where one of the first villages on the island is brought back to light piece by piece, is also a great opportunity for an excursion and knows how to delight children and adults alike. Of course, nothing stops holidaymakers from taking a short trip to the capital of the island and discovering the many sights of Mallorca.

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However, the stay in Santa Ponsa itself is mainly characterized by the already mentioned relaxation. In addition to the possibility of lying on the beach or spending time in “The Square”, the center of the regional village, some golf courses in the area also invite you to play a round or two. The offer is rounded off with many options for water sports up to its own sailing school, with which you can explore the many intricacies of the waters around Santa Ponsa.

All in all, the holiday here is especially recommended for those who just want to relax a bit – with the options to discover much more on and from the island.