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Traumhafter Strand in Langeoog, Bild: Doris Oberfrank-List / shutterstock

Recreation in Langeoog

It is no wonder that the North Sea islands have been considered relaxing excursion stations for German holidaymakers since the early 20th century when you take a look at the island of Langeoog. An almost untouched nature, surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. The best air you could wish for a break from the city and the hustle and bustle and automatically a natural deceleration to reduce stress. Today, Langeoog is a popular destination for day trippers but also for people who want to take a few days to explore the beautiful nature or simply want to switch off.

The Langeoog natural swimming pool – relaxation and adventure in one

Aerial view of Langeoog
Aerial view of Langeoog, Image: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH / shutterstock

Since 1850 at the latest, the island of Langeoog has been considered one of the typical North Sea resorts, which were appreciated by many powerful but also by ordinary people. It took a while for the ferry service to become established, but gradually the island adapted to the flow of visitors who made the pilgrimage to the island, especially in spring and summer, to enjoy the good air of the North Sea and relax from their everyday lives. Of course, the Wadden Sea always played a role in these considerations, after all, it not only offers a spectacle of nature twice a day, but has also always been an important economic factor for the islands of the North Sea.

In terms of the economy, tourism has played the most important role since these years. Traditional professions such as fishing and especially whaling are no longer important today and at most a small part of the agriculture on the island still exists as alternative activities. Otherwise, the island has fully adapted to the visitors from the mainland, of whom several hundred thousand come to the island every year either as day tourists or overnight guests.

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A special feature of Langeoog is the fact that, unlike on some other North Sea islands, no cars are allowed here. While there are some electric vehicles for general logistics on the island, the bicycle is by far the most important mode of exploration and transportation. If you decide to stay on Langeoog, you will often find bicycles included in the price, with which you can go in search of the most beautiful places and most important sights on your own.

These are the things you should have seen on Langeoog

Image: Torsten Reuter / shutterstock

The landmark of the island is the Langeoog water tower, which was built in 1904 and extensively restored and renovated after 100 years. During the months in summer, it can be climbed and offers a great view over the island and the sea, and on good days you can even see the mainland. If you follow the dunes back to the actual town of the island, you should take a look at the local history museum. Not only has it delved into the exciting history of the island over the centuries, but it also showcases the challenges and hardships that settlers had to live with here for many years in the exhibitions.

Anyone who enters the island station will find an old diesel locomotive on the north side. This was used for the island railway until the 1990s and is now a testimony to how the transport system on the island has changed and how progress has brought an important step for Langeoog. In general, the still existing island railway is probably one of the best ways to get an overview of the island with all its subtleties.

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If you want to have a good time, you should definitely visit the cultural center of the island. It not only provides information about the regular events that can be found on Langeoog, but also includes a thermal centre. The adventure pool with water slide is suitable for spa purposes as well as for a trip with the family and is therefore perfect if it is still a little too cold on the beach.

Discover the natural wonders of Langeoog

Of course, the island of Langeoog, like all the islands in the North Sea, is known above all for its nature. The island has retained its own charm and apart from the shopping street and restaurants in the middle of the island, you don’t get the feeling that the image of the island has changed for tourism. Beautiful meadows and dunes invite you to explore the island with your own feet on hiking trails and perhaps get close to one of the seal beds for which Langeoog is commonly known. And of course, a hike through the Wadden Sea is also worthwhile. However, it should be warned that you should either be well acquainted with it or take one of the guided tours from the harbour – after all, the Wadden Sea is not completely safe after all.

Bathers in summer in particular get their money’s worth on the many beaches and can end the day relaxing in the village of Langeoog. If you don’t just want to arrive by ferry in the morning and return home in the evening, there is now also a good selection of holiday homes and apartments available, with which you can make yourself comfortable a little longer on the beautiful island of Langeoog.