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Giraffi im Nationalpark Nairobi, Bild: mbrand85 / shutterstock

Nairobi – Kenya’s capital

Nairobi is still a real insider tip for holidaymakers from all over the world, but is becoming increasingly popular. After all, the capital of Kenya has a great variety to offer. Breathtaking flora and fauna, exciting cultures, impressive sights and a lively African hustle and bustle: a holiday in Nairobi offers an incredible number of facets.

If you want to discover the exciting African flora and fauna, this is the place for you. The metropolis in the south of the country with more than four million inhabitants is famous above all for the national park of the same name at the gates of the city, which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Nairobi is one of the highest cities in all of Africa. Due to its location at an altitude of about 1,650 meters, there is a pleasant climate throughout the city all year round. In addition, Nairobi is the largest and most modern city in the country and is also very popular with students. The University of Nairobi is the largest university in Kenya.

Nairobi, Kenya
View of Nairobi, Image: Sopotnicki / shutterstock

Nairobi also has two international airports. Jomo Kenyatta International is one of the largest and most important airports in Africa. The Nairobi Wilson International in the southwest of the city is mainly used for scheduled and charter flights. If you want to experience something special in Nairobi, you should take a ride through the city with a so-called matatu. The small buses offer space for 20 to 25 people and drive through the entire city. Such a trip is a real experience that should not be missed on any visit to the Kenyan capital. As in all of Kenya , Swahili and English are spoken in Nairobi.

Nairobi National Park offers fascinating African flora and fauna

Nairobi National Park, which is located about seven kilometers from the city center, is one of the most popular national parks in all of Africa. On about 117 square kilometers, with a little luck you can experience lions, rhinos, hippos or crocodiles in their natural habitat. In total, you can discover 80 different species of mammals and more than 500 species of birds. If you wish, you can discover the national park as part of a safari with an off-road vehicle. A real highlight within the Nairobi National Park is the world-famous Daphne Sheldrick’s Orphanage Center.

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In the orphanage for small animals, which is open to visitors for one hour every day, you can see young rhinos or baby elephants, among other things, and watch them grow up. An extensive visit to the national park is a must for every visitor to Nairobi. Of course, various accommodation options should not be missing here. Among other things, the Ole Sereni Hotel borders directly on the national park. Another great way to discover the fascinating Kenyan nature is to visit the botanical garden in the city. Here you can relax with a walk or experience an open-air church service, among other things. A wonderful overview of the entire city can be enjoyed from the Ngong Hills, the green hills, which are up to 2460 meters high.

Shopping at the Maasai Market

Maasai Market Nairobi
The Maasai Market, Image: LMspencer / shutterstock

But Nairobi also has a lot more to offer than the fascinating African flora and fauna. In the Kenyan capital, for example, you can enjoy the very special African shopping flair with lively market activity and diverse smells at the Maasai Market in the center of the city or the Sarit Centre. Typical traditional handicrafts and jewellery are just as popular here as a wide variety of culinary delicacies.

By the way, when visiting the Kenyan capital, you can’t miss the large National Museum and the Parliament Building without taking at least a few photos. The Railway Museum and the National Theatre are also among the main points of contact for international tourists. The nightlife in Nairobi is also impressive. Night is turned into day in numerous clubs – including the legendary clubs “Simmers” or “Klubhouse K1”. In addition to one or the other Kenyan cocktail, you can also enjoy local live music here.

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Where to stay in Nairobi

Locals and tourists have numerous small and large accommodation options available in and around Nairobi – from luxurious and modern five-star hotels to family-friendly holiday homes and apartments to hostels where students in particular can find an inexpensive overnight stay. Here, every visitor gets their money’s worth – no matter what their requirements are.

Best time to visit Nairobi

Nairobi is a popular holiday destination all year round – also because the temperatures are a maximum of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. During the rainy season in April, however, there is a rainy season. This month, prolonged rainfall is to be expected.