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Ein Bootsurlaub bietet gerade im Jahr 2021 unvergessliche Momente auf dem Meer - in ausreichender und entspannter sozialer Distanz. Bild: buruhtan / shutterstock

Holidays on the sea 2021: Insider tips in Europe

Renting a boat is a great way to see a place from a different perspective. Whether you choose a boating holiday with friends for your next travel experience or rent a boat for a private family holiday, enjoying the scenery and views from the water is unbeatable.

Being on a boat near the coast makes every moment of a vacation special: a trip to a nearby island for lunch, an adventure to discover the underwater world, or a sunset cocktail on the deck can bring some lasting memories of happiness to your trip.

It is not always easy to discover new places in Europe that have not yet been conquered by mass tourism, but a boat trip certainly offers you the best opportunities to find these “hidden spots”.

Here are three places that are best visited by boat to admire the stunning coastlines from the water.


This holiday destination, which is still largely spared by tourists, offers so many possibilities: from mountains and gorges to fjord-like bays, from nostalgic old towns to breathtaking beaches.

Stroll through the medieval streets of Kotor and eat the most amazing seafood in the fishing village. Feel like a millionaire in Porto Montenegro, the most luxurious marina in this part of the world. Visit the nostalgic old towns of Perast, Risan, and Herceg Novi. Hike in the mountains of Kotor. Experience nightlife and party in Budva and Tivat. Relax in the newly opened, chic Lazure Marina.

As you can see, Croatia’s twin sister, Montenegro, offers you so many “hidden spots” that all want to be discovered by you from the sea.

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Corsica: Bonifacio and Lavezzi Islands

Santa Giulia, Corsica
View of Santa Giulia beach in Corsica, Image: Samuel Borges Photography / shutterstock

Welcome to Bonifacio, a unique and impressive village in Corsica. The beautiful landscapes, crystal clear coves and huge rocks are just some of the attractions of this amazing village. The whole village is 60 m above sea level and stands on rocks. Port Bonifacio is a great port to leave your boat.

After exploring Bonifacio, you’ll set sail again and travel around the Lavezzi Islands. Here, when travelers go ashore, they are greeted by the fresh scents of the islands’ nature.

However, it is the relationship between the islands and wildlife that makes them such a magical destination. The main island of Lavezzi is home to a collection of evocative landscapes and enchanting coves. Some call this archipelago the Seychelles of the Mediterranean.

Located between Corsica and Sardinia, the Lavezzi Islands invite sailors to explore their dreamy azure waters. Bays with dream beaches, extravagant granite formations and a variety of rare flora and fauna make the archipelago something very special.

Of the Lavezzi Islands, only the Île de Cavallo is inhabited, the other islands remain largely untouched. A large part of the archipelago is protected and to keep it that way, only the islands of Lavezzi, Cavallo and Piana can be visited by tourists.

Piran, Slovenia

The next stop is in Piran, a beautiful port city on the Adriatic coast. Piran has a very beautiful beach and is ideal for a beach holiday in Slovenia. The streets of the old town are a bit narrow, but it is very impressive to walk along the old buildings and take a look at the old town. The local cuisine also has a lot to offer. The marina of Portoroz is the nearest port where you can safely moor your boat.

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Cast off!

Europe offers an unlimited selection of beautiful and charming places. If you want a holiday full of unique and unforgettable experiences, you should visit some of these hidden gems. Of course, the best way to do this is to book a boating holiday. Even if you should feel the effects of tourism during a shore leave, one thing is certain: back on your boat and on the wide, open sea, you will never feel cramped.