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Schloss Lichtenwalde, Bild: Jakob Fischer / shutterstock

Lichtenwalde – Everything revolves around the castle

The municipality of Niederwiesa was a popular destination for families and for the inhabitants of East Germany, especially in the times of the GDR. This tradition has continued to this day. For most people, however, the area is more likely to be known as Lichtenwalde. In fact, it is only a small part of Niederwiesa, but one of the most famous destinations in East Germany. With its beautiful buildings, long history and many opportunities for excursions and activities, the area is still one of the most popular destinations in Saxony today.

What is special about Lichtenwalde?

It is without question the castle complex that dominates Lichtenwalde and the region. With its long history and sprawling facilities, there is not only a lot of history for visitors to discover, but also a variety of excursion options. Since the days of the GDR, the village and the surrounding areas have adapted to the flow of tourists who want to visit the castle and the grounds. The complex itself has such a long history that it is mainly the museums that should be of particular interest. The village of Lichtenwalde and the castle are absolutely typical of German history.

Originally, the castle was probably built by the famous Margraves of Meissen. In fact, it is not the first complex of its kind at this site, but it was built on the foundations of older fortresses. What was once a facility to protect the region has been converted into a residential castle over the years and has changed hands many times. Over the centuries, not only did today’s castle complex come into being, but the village itself was also closely aligned with the estate. Beautiful gardens, a mill and other supply buildings were built, which are now among the sights of Lichtenwalde. In the GDR, the castle was finally converted into a country home and an educational institution, before it was restored to its present state after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the historic business was restored to the way it must have looked a few hundred years ago.

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Today’s sights in and around Lichtenwalde

Lichtenwalde Park
Enjoy the park in wonderful weather, Image: Edith Czech / shutterstock

Of course, the castle in Lichtenwalde still plays a prominent role. In recent years, efforts have been made to restore the castle park and the surrounding villages to the way they know it from the past. The castle itself is already a sight, and it becomes even clearer with a look at the museums that have found their home here. With what is left of the original stock of the castle and various loans from the times of the changing rulers, there is a large selection of things to discover. The local art collections also know how to inspire young and old alike.

One of the highlights of Lichtenwalde, however, is without question the redeveloped park, which stretches over a huge area. Here, care has not only been taken to restore the original state to the manorial times, but also various works of art from the former Margraviate of Saxony have been built. In summer, the extensive meadows are often used by visitors and in winter, the beautiful landscape, especially in the snow, is an eye-catcher that is hard to escape. In addition, Lichtenwalde is away from the typical traffic and the excited world of the big cities. This is one reason why many people from all over Germany are still drawn here today.

In addition, parts of the former Lichtenwalde estate are of course also well preserved. A special highlight is the mill, which has played an important role in supplying the village and the families in the castle for hundreds of years. It is one of the oldest mills in Saxony and has its own exhibition about the economic life on the estate and the development of the craft over the centuries.

If you are looking for a little relaxation and are looking for your own physical well-being after the detailed guided tours of the castle, you will not only find what you are looking for on the grounds of the castle. Of course, you can also find one or the other restaurant in the village that has adapted to visitors and tourists. Here you can enjoy the typical Saxon cuisine and thus give a day in the castle the right end to it.

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> Historical timeline of the district of Lichtenwalde

Facts about Lichtenwalde

  1. Historical heritage:

    • Lichtenwalde Castle was built in the 16th century and redesigned in the Baroque style in the 18th century. It is considered one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Saxony and impresses with its magnificent architecture and opulent interior.
    • Visitors can stroll through the castle’s ornate salons, magnificent chapel, and ornate rooms and learn about the history of its former residents.
  2. Castle:

    • The palace garden of Lichtenwalde is a masterpiece of Baroque garden art. With its elegant terraces, winding paths, ornate sculptures and blooming flower beds, it invites you to linger and discover.
    • Particularly impressive is the baroque castle at the foot of the garden, which offers stunning views over the extensive green areas and surrounding countryside.
  3. Cultural events:

    • Lichtenwalde is not only a place for visitors interested in history, but also for art and culture enthusiasts. The castle and its gardens offer a variety of events throughout the year, such as concerts, exhibitions, craft markets and historical festivals.
    • The annual castle festival is particularly popular, where visitors can immerse themselves in the baroque world of Lichtenwalde and experience historical costumes, music and dance.
  4. Practical information:

    • How to get there: Lichtenwalde is located near Chemnitz in Saxony and is easy to reach by car or public transport. The nearest airport is Dresden Airport.
    • Opening hours and admission prices: The opening hours and admission prices for the palace and garden vary depending on the season and event. It is recommended to inform yourself in advance.
    • Accommodation: There are various accommodation options in the area around Lichtenwalde, from cosy guesthouses to comfortable hotels.