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Fototapete mit Blättern und Vögeln im Kinderzimmer, Bild: myredro

Leaves – a timeless motif for photo wallpapers in the children’s room

When thinking about the interior design of a children’s room, it is very easy to fall into the pattern of fairytale and childish decorative motifs. However, children grow quickly, and their preferences and interests can change fundamentally within a few months. That’s why it makes sense to think about decorations that grow with the offspring. A great example of this is nature-inspired wall murals. Leaves are extremely decorative and at the same time pleasant to look at, and the variety of available patterns makes it easy to find a variant for the children’s room.

Large-format wall decorations are an excellent example of a solution that makes it possible to transform the children’s room in the blink of an eye and without tedious work. The advantage of our proposal, i.e. a wall mural with leaves, is that it will not only decorate the room, but also bring a strong dose of calming nature to the interior. In this way, the child gets the perfect place not only to play and learn, but also to rest. In today’s world, there is an easy risk of children being overstimulated. That’s why instead of a colorful pattern with comic book heroes, we suggest a much better idea: a photo wallpaper inspired by nature. Sheets are available in different finishes, so it is easy to choose something for a boy or girl’s room.

Universal photo wallpaper – leaves in different variants for boys and girls

When designing the children’s room, creativity and openness to unconventional solutions are required. Among the patterns you can choose is not just a classic photo wallpaper – green leaves that are realistically depicted. This solution definitely deserves attention. However, it’s best to consider them for slightly older children who are about to enter their teens. It is a pattern that the child will not grow out of, because it is a universal and timeless motif that can even be used in the living room. For the little ones, on the other hand, there are no limits to their imagination. Leaves can be in surprising shades – for example, pink or purple, blue, yellow or even red. It is worth taking inspiration from the child’s favorite color. In this way, the decoration will suit him perfectly.

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In children’s arrangements, decorative motifs look beautiful in the form of designs that look like they were painted with watercolors. The advantage of such wall murals is that they will work well even in a small room, as they do not dominate the room. In addition, the pattern does not have to cover the entire wall. For example, it can represent a leaf garland that decorates only the upper part of the room. These and many other motifs can be found under https://myredro.de/fototapeten/themen/natur/blaetter/ .

Colorful and cheerful wall murals: leaves and tropical flowers in a girl arrangement

3d wall mural with green leaves in living room
Photo wallpaper 3d with green leaves in the living room, Image: myredro

When looking for a decoration idea for a little girl’s room, it is a good idea to choose a pattern on which, in addition to tropical leaves, colorful flowers can be found. These could be orchids, hibiscus flowers with protruding stamens, or bird of paradise flowers. In this way, the room takes on vibrant and energetic colours that make the décor look cheerful and radiant and put a smile on the child’s face. And although we are writing about a composition with exotic flowers, we would like to emphasize that such a photo wallpaper does not have to be colorful at all. If green palm leaves, monsterae or ferns predominate, and flowers only appear here and there, the overall picture looks beautiful and harmonious.

If, on the other hand, you opt for a slightly more striking and colorful pattern, it is advisable to apply it to only one part of the wall. How do you do that? An excellent solution is to paint the wall up to about 1/3 of the height in a cheerful color, so that the impression of wall paneling is created. The colored accent should be finished with a decorative molding and the rest of the area up to the ceiling should be provided with a tropical leaf pattern. This way, the eye-catching motif comes into its own.

Inspirational Play Wall Mural: Tropical Leaves to Replace a Lush Jungle

The best effect is achieved when the wall mural not only serves as a decoration of the room, but also inspires the child to play or develop his passions. In this role, a photo wallpaper reminiscent of a jungle proves its worth. The leaves of Monsterae, palm trees or banana trees, which form a lush, exotic thicket, transform the children’s room into an enchanting tropical forest in no time at all! This is an excellent solution in the eco and boho style, which is currently very popular and is gladly used in children’s rooms. Such a wall mural pattern can be in juicy shades of green, but that’s not the only option. A vintage composition in muted, warm colours – in beige and brown tones – is just as impressive.

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Excellent results can be achieved if in a room designed in this way there is also a teepee play tent, in which the child can imagine traveling to tropical parts of the world and spending the night in the jungle, or a swing in the form of a hammock, reminiscent of carefree summer vacations.

Not just leaves – photo wallpaper with flora and exotic animals

Finally, an extraordinary photo wallpaper. Tropical leaves with wild animals hiding in them are a hit for a child who loves animals and would love to invite them all into their home! This is partly possible with wall decorations. The selection is so large that every child will find something suitable. Leaf-like compositions, on which colorful parrots, flamingos or toucans with their large beaks are hidden, look beautiful. Bird motifs, which look very lively due to their strong colours, bring a cheerful atmosphere into the room in no time at all. Little lovers of wild cats will be attracted by a jungle motif on which black panthers or striped tigers lurk. For a children’s room in a cozy eco or vintage style, cute and funny monkeys jumping on lianas are suitable.

Animal motifs can be childish and fairytale-like as well as retro style without appearing childish. Such decoration makes it possible to create an interior for many years, from which the child will not grow so quickly.

Murals with leaf motifs are a great way to create a perfect place for children to play and rest. In this way, the concrete jungle outside the windows can be transformed into a magical tropical forest. Nature is universal and timeless, so such a decoration will grow with the child for many years without the need to rearrange the room frequently.