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Blick auf die Promenade von Atlantic City, Bild: Mia2you / shutterstock

Las Vegas vs. Atlantic City: Where is the trip more worthwhile?

Whether Las Vegas or Atlantic City, both cities are among the most popular travel destinations in America, mainly thanks to the many brilliant casino complexes. In particular, the large selection of games of chance and the dazzling nightlife make many shining eyes. The two gambling strongholds are separated by over 2,500 miles. For many tourists, the question therefore arises as to which gambler’s paradise is particularly worthwhile.

For those who prefer to stay at home, a visit to an online casino is worthwhile. Whether as preparation for a trip to the American casino cities or as pure pleasure – playing casino can also be done easily from home. With a large selection of table and slot games, the flair of Las Vegas or Atlantic City can be transported into your own living room with just a few clicks.

Casinos, Clubs & Glamorous Shows – The Gambling Strongholds of the USA

When you think of gambling, you often think of the stunning casino complexes of Las Vegas. The desert city in Nevada not only impresses with huge casinos, but also trendy restaurants, unique hotel complexes and a series of glamorous shows provide a flair that is not comparable to anything in the world. Las Vegas or Sin City (German: City of Sin), never sleeps. Around the world-famous strip, the colorful life shimmers day and night.

But the traditional Atlantic City on the east coast of America also offers a backdrop that should be seen. The coastal city in New Jersey impresses above all with the famous Boardwalk directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Here, fresh sea air mixes with the charmingly wicked casinos that set up along the beach promenade. In particular, the proximity to New York and other metropolises on the east coast of the American continent has ensured bulging casino complexes and the legendary status of the city in the past.

With a number of extravagant shows, popular pool parties, as well as world-famous hotel complexes and the 24/7 gambling world, the two cities are quite similar in many ways. But in addition to many similarities, a comparison of the two gambling strongholds also reveals some differences.

Las Vegas & Atlantic City – Differences between the American Casino Strongholds

Las Vegas, The Strip
THE STRIP in Las Vegas at night, Image: Philip Bird LRPS CPAGB / shutterstock

While Las Vegas attracts around 40 million visitors a year, Atlantic City attracts around 20 million visitors – a completely different dimension of tourism. In addition, the dazzling metropolis on the south coast of the US state of New Jersey has suffered from a number of financial crises in recent decades. Over the years, several casinos have had to close, which means that only nine casinos open their doors to visitors today.

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Where Atlantic City scores with maritime flair due to the proximity of the boardwalk to the ocean, Las Vegas manages to create a world of experience with incomparable flair due to the many crazy building constructions. Sin City is considered an oversized fairground. Whether with a gondola through the replica of Venice or in a naval battle on Treasure Island – Las Vegas as a city of illusions. Unique shows such as the trick fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel or the eruption of the Mirage volcano can only be found here.

Not to forget the different climate of the two casino strongholds. Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Atlantic City’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean ensures a maritime climate. Accordingly, milder and humid climatic conditions prevail here even in summer. In the winter months, it is not uncommon for snow to fall. Las Vegas, on the other hand, is dry and warm almost all year round. In summer, it often gets unbearably hot.

Attractions away from gambling – Malls, Shows & Restaurants

Away from the gambling temples, Las Vegas offers a whole range of exciting attractions and activities. In the Siegfrid & Roys Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat of the Mirage Hotel, impressive animals such as lions, panthers or porpoises can be discovered in a zoo-like environment.

In addition, world-famous shows and acts provide great entertainment. With performances by the Blue Man Group or Cirque du Soleil, many well-known names perform in Las Vegas. The musical The Lion King also performs here. Some attractions are even free of charge. For example, the magnificent flower arrangements in the middle of the lobby of the Hotel Wynn Las Vegas.

In addition to gambling and shows, Las Vegas also convinces with culinary delights. The Strip, in particular, is home to a whole host of world-class restaurants that bring the world’s culinary delights to Sin City. The delicious art of many celebrity chefs can be admired here.

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In Atlantic City, too, shows by world stars provide great entertainment. From Bruce Springsteen to Lady Gaga – big names provide brilliant show interludes, especially on weekends. You can also stroll through the high-end Playground shopping centre with a view of the Atlantic Ocean. A wide selection of high-priced goods and luxury brands are offered here. From the upper floors there is a fantastic view of the neighboring Brigantine Beach. Culinarily, the coastal city is much less pompous than its competition from Las Vegas. In addition to some great restaurants, the casino buffets offer good food at reasonable prices.

Around the gambling metropolises – activities in the area

The landscape around the metropolis of Las Vegas is considered beautiful. In addition to Lake Las Vegas on the northern edge of the neighboring city of Henderson, Red Rock Canyon in Summerlin also provides fantastic nature experiences in the US state of Nevada. Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam are also within easy driving distance. The drive to Zion National Park in Utah takes a little longer. At least a whole day should be planned here. But the journey is definitely worth it.

Atlantic City is especially attractive to boaters. Many marinas in and around the city on the Atlantic Ocean provide fantastic mooring opportunities. The adjacent beaches are free, clean and guarded by lifeguards. Here you can relax and sunbathe and enjoy a bath. The majority of the outdoor activities on offer are also in or on the water. Whether parasailing, deep-sea fishing or smaller cruises – Atlantic City offers a variety of varied activities.

Conclusion: Las Vegas or Atlantic City?

All in all, it becomes clear that Atlantic City does not have the attractions to offer as the world-famous Las Vegas. With glamorous shows, impressive architecture and many unique attractions, Las Vegas is certainly more attractive and cannot be compared to anything in the world. And yet, a trip to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk is definitely worth it. Especially for all those who show an increased interest in gambling.