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Einfacht traumhaft: Das Archipel La Maddalena, Bild: leoks / shutterstock

La Maddalena: The wild natural beauty of the Italian Mediterranean

La Maddalena is 62 islands in one. The archipelago of La Maddalena belongs to Italy and is located near the island of Sardinia in the Tyrrhenian Sea. However, many of the 62 associated islands are uninhabited. La Maddalena is also called the Seychelles of the Mediterranean, which can be explained by the wonderful dream beaches and bays that can be found here. The largest island in the archipelago is called, like the entire archipelago itself, La Maddalena. In addition, there are six other inhabited main islands. If you were on holiday in Sardinia anyway, you should definitely pay a visit to La Maddalena to soak up the natural beauty of the archipelago and relax on the beautiful beaches. La Maddalena can be reached from the northeast of Sardinia. Ferry from Palau to La Maddalena takes only about 20 minutes for the crossing. The frequency of the ferries is excellent, there are up to 80 trips per day during the season.

Explore the main island of La Maddalena

Main island La Maddalena
View of the main island of La Maddelena, Image: Agent Wolf / shutterstock

Visitors usually land on the main island of La Maddalena first. Most of the approximately 11,500 inhabitants of the archipelago live here, which is why it is comparatively bustling here. So if you are in the mood for delicious food in a rustic restaurant in addition to relaxation, you should head for the island’s capital in the south of the island, which is also called La Maddalena. Here you can enjoy freshly caught fish in a romantic setting, because the old town of the small town looks like something out of an Italian film. In the evenings, you can take a walk around the harbour, where sailboats alternate with small fishing boats.

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The most beautiful beaches of the main island can be found in the north of La Maddalena, because here it is even more lonely than in the already very lonely south. For example, you can relax wonderfully on the Spiaggia Monti D’A Rena beach. The fine sand shimmers here in yellow to ochre colour gradations. The Mediterranean Sea is clear and the landscape all around is characterized by rugged rock sections. If you are only making a day trip to La Maddalena and still don’t want to miss out on a dip in the cool water, the Punta Tegge beach near the island’s capital is recommended. It is more than idyllic, but still within walking distance of the town centre. It also has an excellent infrastructure with beach bars and small restaurants.

Over the bridge to Caprera

Fantastic beaches on Cabera, Image: Alexandra Suslova / shutterstock

The island of Caprera, located to the west of La Maddalena, does not have to be reached by boat, but can be reached via the 600-metre-long Ponte Moneta bridge. There are some historical sights to discover on Caprera, which can be explored as part of a hike. On the main island, tourists can stock up on hiking maps. The hiking trails on Caprera cover the entire island and are well signposted. The Batteria di Punta Rossa is located in the very south of the island. This is an abandoned military complex from the 19th century. The buildings are now very dilapidated. However, if you feel a little adventurous spirit in you, you will make many a discovery here, because the area is freely accessible and can be explored on your own.

There is also the former residence of the Italian freedom fighter Guiseppe Garibaldi to visit. The former home has since been converted into a museum where personal belongings, furniture, clothing and uniforms of Garibaldi and his comrades-in-arms are exhibited. With the Batteria Poggio Rasu Superiore, the island has another former military fortress. This is suitable as a vantage point, because from there visitors can overlook the entire island and look far out over the Mediterranean Sea. Especially in the evening hours, when the sun sets over the sea, this is a real experience. If you want to enjoy even more wonderful views, climb Monte Tejalone.

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This viewpoint is freely accessible around the clock. The viewpoint is located at 212 meters above sea level and is accessible by stairs. And a visit to the island is also worthwhile for bird lovers, because it is not only a nature reserve, but also a bird sanctuary. Numerous peregrine falcons, seagulls and cormorants can be found here. Bathing enthusiasts head for the south of the island. For example, the beaches Cala Caprese and Spiaggia del Relitto are recommended. Idyllically situated in a bay is the dream beach Cala Napoletana. This can be found in the northwest of the island and can only be reached on foot via a rocky hiking trail.

What else is there to discover in the La Maddalena Archipelago

The rest of the La Maddalena archipelago is best explored from the water. On the main island of La Maddalena, visitors can rent a motorized inflatable boat that allows them to travel independently from island to island. Of course, you can also join a boat tour, which is offered here in large numbers. The islands of the archipelago are all very wild and natural. On Budelli, the Spiaggia Rosa beach beckons, which has a real peculiarity: its sand shimmers from pink to red. Unfortunately, it can actually only be admired from the water, as it is not allowed to enter the island, but the sight of this natural beauty alone is a highlight of any boat tour around the archipelago. If you want to make a stop for swimming, it is best to do so on Santa Maria, because here the water is particularly clear