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Am Strand von Kolberg, Bild: Robert Haandrikman / shutterstock

Kołobrzeg in West Pomerania: the most tranquil Polish seaside resort

Kołobrzeg in West Pomerania is a seaside resort with a lot of tradition, also known as a port city. Especially for families and tourists who like it quiet and tranquil, Kołobrzeg is the ideal holiday destination. Because with only about 47,000 inhabitants, Kołobrzeg is a fairly manageable city where you can get around on foot. In addition, the city is located directly on the Baltic Sea coast and captivates with white sandy beaches in front of romantic waves. The beach promenade invites you to take relaxing walks. In addition, there are some sublime sights to visit, such as the Kołobrzeg Cathedral. In addition, the city, measured by its size, has a surprising number of museums that know how to turn even a rainy day into a day of adventure.

Kołobrzeg Cathedral

The Kołobrzeg Cathedral, which is also known as the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is one of the most outstanding historical buildings in the city. The Gothic brick hall church was built in the early 14th century. The first mass was celebrated here as early as 1321. To this day, Kołobrzeg Cathedral is equipped with extremely valuable art treasures and paintings. At the time of the Second World War, these were walled up in church niches or distributed to smaller country churches to protect them from destruction and looting. Now they are open to the interested public again in Kolberg Cathedral. At a height of 40 meters, Kołobrzeg Cathedral has a viewing platform that is accessible to visitors. From there you have a wonderful view over the romantic old town of the town, where some other historical buildings, such as the so-called Luntenturm are located. This is a water tower built in the neo-Gothic style, which resembles a medieval defensive tower in its shape and construction

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Walk to the town’s landmark: the Kołobrzeg lighthouse

Kołobrzeg Lighthouse
Kołobrzeg lighthouse, Image: Dziewul / shutterstock

The Kołobrzeg lighthouse is considered a landmark of the West Pomeranian city. From the center, it can be reached quickly on foot after a short walk. The lighthouse can be found exactly where the Persante River, which flows through the city, flows into the Baltic Sea . The lighthouse that exists today was built in 1945 from demolition stones. However, from 1666 onwards, there were predecessor buildings on the same site, which showed ships entering the Kolberg harbour the way with their beacons. Today, the 26-metre-high lighthouse is used less for sea navigation than as a tourist attraction. In the basement of the tower, a natural stone and mineral museum can be visited. In addition, visitors are invited to climb the Kołobrzeg lighthouse via a narrow staircase and overlook the harbour area from the viewing platform at the top. From here you have a wonderful view over the Baltic Sea and can watch ships entering the port of Kołobrzeg.

Kołobrzeg all maritime

Image: Ryszard Filipowicz / shutterstock

As befits a real seaside resort, Kołobrzeg can boast some maritime highlights. The Baltic Sea beach in front of the city is no less than eleven kilometres long. Enough space for extensive sunbathing, wave adventures and romantic walks on the beach. If you don’t like it quite so lively and frolic, you will certainly find one or the other quiet place where you can be all to yourself. And of course there is a pier in Kołobrzeg. Numerous tourist ships dock at the 220-metre-long bridge. Of course, excursions by boat can also be made from there, which can lead to Usedom , for example. Right next door is the harbor, where merchant ships and local fishermen land in addition to private sailing ships and yachts. There is always a lot going on here and there is a lot to see. For example, there is a fish market at the harbour, where the Kołobrzeg fishermen sell their catch directly from the net.

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The diversity of museums in Kołobrzeg

If the weather doesn’t play along and the beach day falls through, you have a lot of alternative options in Kołobrzeg, because there are several museums in the city that are worth visiting. The Kołobrzeski Skansen Morski Ship Museum is an open-air museum located in the port area. Here you can see, for example, former military ships, but also a sailing ship. Children and young people in particular are happy that all ships can be examined in detail not only from the outside but also from the inside. In the Military and Weapons Museum, you can see old military aircraft and traditional weapons – from bows and arrows to modern weapons. But also historically interesting exhibits, such as an Enigma cipher machine, are among the exhibits.

The Kołobrzeg City Museum is of interest to all those who want to learn about the rich history of the place. It starts with archaeological finds that carry on the history from the Middle Ages to the more recent history of the city. All explanations of the exhibits are also available here in German. The Patria Colbergiensis Museum, housed in the historic town hall of Kołobrzeg, focuses on the German past of the city, which once belonged to Brandenburg-Prussia. In the Amber Museum, visitors learn everything about the gold of the Baltic Sea. Amber is popular all over Poland’s Baltic coast. In Kołobrzeg, a 2.2 kilogram amber is on display. In addition, it is explained how amber is and was processed into jewellery and everyday objects today, and in earlier times.