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Koh Libong, Bild: Petr Malyshev / shutterstock

Koh Libong: a Thai island paradise for all lovers of peace and seclusion

Thailand has a large number of islands, and one of them is more beautiful than the other. The island of Koh Libong, which is located about 50 kilometers from the Thai mainland, is especially popular with travelers who love peace and seclusion. Although Koh Libong is the largest island of the 46 Trang Islands, the island is very leisurely. Only about 6,000 permanent residents settle on the 35-square-kilometer island. Koh Libong is not yet really developed for tourism, which makes a trip here a very special experience. In addition to silence and a real respite from everyday life, Koh Libong gives tourists an insight into the original life of the islanders.

How to get to the island and useful tips

Koh Libong can be reached from the mainland by ferry or private taxi boat. In the high season between December and March, the ferries run every two hours, in the low season less frequently. Koh Libong can also be reached by boat from the neighboring islands of Ko Muk and Ko Kradan. Of course, all this also works in the opposite direction, which is why the island is an ideal first port of call for a small island tour near the mainland. If you cross over to Koh Libong, you should still equip yourself with enough cash on the mainland. Because the island has no bank, no official exchange office and no ATM and card payment is not possible everywhere. Money can be exchanged in one of the hotels and certainly also with locals, but at a very bad rate. Since the majority of the island’s inhabitants are Muslims, guests should not be too open-hearted either on the beach, in restaurants or in the streetscape.

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You should not miss this on Koh Libong

Stone Bridge in Koh Libong
Stone bridge in Koh Libong, Image: Andreas Prott / shutterstock

There are no sights in the classic sense, such as museums, architecturally particularly interesting buildings or monuments to well-known personalities, on Koh Libong. On the other hand, the magical nature of the island has a lot to offer. You should definitely book one of the boat trips offered on the island to the settlement areas of the dugongs native to Koh Libong. Dugongs are a special type of manatee that is very rare worldwide.

Picturesque beach in Koh Libong
Picturesque beach in Koh Libong, Image: Phuketian.S / shutterstock

Around Koh Libong, about 130 representatives of this type of manatee settle today. They are mainly found in the east of the island between mangroves and seagrass. A trip to the eastern part of Koh Libong is also highly recommended for tourists. Here the soils are less moist than in the west. Drier savannah landscapes are home to rare grasses and cashew trees, especially in our latitudes. The interior of the island of Koh Libong invites visitors to go hiking. There are sprawling primeval forests on gentle hills, densely overgrown with exotic-looking plants. There are several designated hiking trails that lead through the jungle area. At best, the heat can be a problem, because the highest elevation here is limited to 300 meters. On the way there is also a stalactite cave to visit, which can boast interesting formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Visiting the village of Batu Bute

The best place to spend the night on Koh Libong is in the small village of Batu Bute. Because here you can look over the shoulders of the locals during their everyday activities as well as their livelihood. Many of the islanders make their daily living by fishing or growing rubber. In front of the bay of Batu Bute there is a long wooden jetty from which the fishermen of the village can be observed at their daily work. Guests can spend the night in one of the classic wooden huts, which are built here on stilts and seek shelter from the rising sea water during the monsoon. A firmly paved path leads through Batu Bute to an observation tower, which can also be climbed by tourists. From there, a breathtaking view stretches out to the sea. With a bit of luck, you can watch some manatees from the observation tower.

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The beaches of Koh Libong Island

The most popular beach on the island is Haad Lang Kao, located on the west coast. It borders the only real holiday resort on the island and is characterized by deep yellow sand in front of a turquoise blue sea. Tourists can stay at one of the resort’s four hotels, but guests staying elsewhere are also welcome here. Hammocks are available for rent at Haad Lang Kao. Here, lying in the comfortable hammock, you can listen to the sound of the sea and really unwind. Some locals earn extra money by taking guests by traditional longtail boat to enchanted-looking, secluded beaches that can only be reached from the water side.