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Kategorie – Chile

The longest and narrowest country in the world is famous for its natural beauty! On a trip through Chile you will experience the driest desert on earth, wondrous mountain landscapes, Santiago de Chile, enchanting lakes, wild nature and the famous Easter Island.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile is located, as the name suggests, in Chile, the 4,200 km long but on average only 180 km wide country on the edge of the Latin American continent. Santiago is the capital of the country and is geographically located right in the middle of Chile. But the city is not only geographically the center of the nation, but also culturally. No wonder, after...

Excursion to Easter Island

The stone giants of Easter Island are a household name for many people. To this day, it is not clear what the iconic figures are all about, which are made of stone weighing tons and have made the island in Polynesia famous. In addition to the famous stone figures, the island, which officially belongs to Chile , has even more to offer for travelers. In recent years...

Chile – icy eternity and a free space for dreamers

Chile, with its twelve regions and the mystical Easter Island, 3,500 kilometers away in the Pacific, invites you to a careful discovery. Anyone who sees and feels the soul of the landscape is moved by its majesty. The mighty Andes form the natural border with Argentina and Bolivia and shape the country along its entire length. Patagonia: The Cradle of the Winds...