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Kategorie – Favorite destinations – Bloggers introduce themselves

What is sustainable travel?

by Marina Portmann, Twentyone Travel Blog This question has been on my mind again a lot in the last few days. We should stop eating meat. We should no longer drive a car. We should no longer eat animal products at all. But we should also not buy alternative products from far abroad. We should certainly not fly. And woe betide us if we book a cruise. Have you offset...

Favourite country Austria – Jenny & Olli from Far-from-Home

We visit no other country as often as Austria. More precisely, the province of Tyrol. Every time we cross the border from Germany to Austria, it feels like coming home. Not only the mountains and nature, but also the people and the activities there captivate us anew every time. We are Jenny (27) and Olli (29) from Rietberg in East Westphalia. Since 2013 we have been...