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Wunderschöne Strände gibt es auch in Deutschland. Hier in Binz auf der Insel Rügen, Bild: Sina Ettmer Photography / shutterstock

Rügen, island of originality

Over a large bridge you move towards the island. To the left the safe harbor and the spire of Stralsund, to the right a first idea of the Baltic Sea. Here you are welcome to comment on the water: “It’s pretty wavy.” or “The sea seems calm today.” As soon as you have given the blue-green water one or two attributes, you are already on the island: the largest island in Germany: Rügen. Look back again and see how stress and everyday problems blur somewhere in the distance. And then look ahead: There are many beautiful island moments waiting for you!

For me, the most beautiful thing about Rügen is the opportunity to find a place for yourself. There are many places here that offer you complete peace and seclusion with sea views. However, there is enough to experience here. I’ll show you some striking, beautiful points and possibilities.

Viewpoints on Rügen

Overview of the island

Rugard Tower

Rugardturm Rügen
Rugard Tower, Image: Stephanie von Kellertuer.com

After a short walk through the city center of Bergen, you can go up to the Rugard Tower with its glass-domed roof. Actually, it’s called the Ernst Moritz Arndt Tower, it got the name Rugard from the elevation on which it lies.

You can get the key to the tower yourself, at the reception of the hotel “Am Rugard” restaurant. Enjoy the view!

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Granitz Hunting Lodge

Rügen Hunting Lodge
The hunting lodge, Image: Stephanie von Kellertuer.com

From the platform of the hunting lodge you also have an insanely wide view. Before that, however, you have to climb a “floating” metal staircase, which is certainly a challenge for one or the other. Once at the top, it’s worth it!

Treetop Walk

Treetop Walk Rügen
View from the treetop walk, picture: Stephanie von Kellertuer.com

The newcomer among the possibilities to view Rügen from above: the treetop pad in Prora. It goes high up between the treetops, from above you can also see the sea.


Special sights on Rügen

These places are unique and worth at least one visit

Chalk cliffs and Königsstuhl in the Jasmund National Park

Chalk cliffs Rügen
The chalk cliff, picture: Stephanie von Kellertuer.com

The sight of the chalk cliffs is impressive. They tower like white giants, the chalk sometimes making the water on the coast shine bright turquoise. From the Viktoriasicht, a free viewing platform on the edge of the cliffs, you can look far out onto the Baltic Sea.

Flint fields

Flintstone flat rate – you can experience a walk of an unusual kind at the Feuersteinfelder. The whole floor is covered with flints. You just walk over them and can enjoy nature.


Beautiful beaches on Rügen

Swimming in the Baltic Sea or in the Bodden, chilling on the beach or strolling


Endless rows of beach chairs, beautiful promenade with the iconic spa architecture. Here you can enjoy the upscale island flair.


Just like the beaches next door – Sellin, Göhren, Baabe – you can simply experience pure bathing fun here and stroll along a pretty little promenade. There is also a pier here.

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Many steps lead you down to the beach or to the Sellin pier, which also offers a restaurant and café. There is also an elevator leading down.

Beautiful places for walks on Rügen


In summer, the Störtebeker Festival takes place here. However, Ralswiek is also wonderful for a long walk. Past the harbour towards the forest and always along the water. Nature seems so rough and original here.


Putbus, also known as the white city, is an eye-catcher. In the “Circus”, a roundabout of white houses, red roses climb up in contrast to the bright house facades. This is a wonderful place to stroll.

Fishing village of Vitt

Vitt is located on the northernmost part of Rügen, here you can see thatched roofs and there is freshly smoked fish. Walk along the water and enjoy.



About the author, Stephanie:

Rügen is the island of my heart. I spent many, many days of my childhood on this island and at least once a year I am ready to travel to the sea, to Rügen. As a Berliner, Rügen is the contrast to the big city, offers fresh air and space for thoughts and happiness.

On my blog Kellertür I write about cycling, traveling and Berlin. Escaping the big city is often on the agenda. Take a look or follow me on Facebook to find out about the latest articles.