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Croatia, located on the Adriatic coast, is a charming country that delights travelers with its natural beauty, historic towns, and Mediterranean flair.

The historic city of Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, impresses with its well-preserved city walls and the charm of the old town.

Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offer spectacular waterfalls and unspoiled nature.

The numerous islands off the coast, including Hvar, Korčula and Brač, invite you to relax island hopping.

Historic cities such as Split, Zagreb and Zadar offer a rich cultural heritage.

Croatian cuisine spoils you with fresh fish, seafood, olive oil and delicious wine.

The hospitality of the Croatians is warm, and you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this country.

Croatia is a country of diversity that combines history and nature in perfect harmony. It is a destination for explorers and connoisseurs alike.

Dubrovnik – Popular Destination in the Mediterranean

As early as the 19th century, nobles from imperial Vienna enjoyed the mild climate on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. In Dubrovnik today, visitors can expect: medieval squares, magnificent churches and numerous museums. The highlight of Dubrovnik is a walk on the world-famous city walls, with a view of the azure blue sea and the rooftops of the city. The sights of...

Split – The Heart of Croatia

The fact that Croatia with its beautiful landscape, nature parks, sea and islands is worth a visit probably doesn’t need to be explained to any holidaymaker today. While most tourists enjoy these treasures or spend a beach holiday on the coasts, it is also worth taking a look at the country’s cities. There’s Dubrovnik , of course, with its medieval...

Wreck diving in Croatia: discovering the deepest secrets of the Adriatic

During a sailing holiday, snorkelling is probably the most obvious activity. Luckily, there are fantastic places where you can stay in the crystal clear, turquoise Croatian sea and have a fantastic snorkeling experience. A popular destination for yacht enthusiasts, Croatia boasts a magnificent coastline and deep nautical heritage. The country has a variety of...

Krk – Croatia’s golden island

Krk is the largest holiday island in the Adriatic. It is connected to the Croatian mainland by a bridge. Guests love the diverse excursion destinations, the azure blue sea and the tranquil bays. The history of the island is also interesting: the first settlers were the Japods. Later, during the Roman Civil War, the island became the scene of bloody naval battles...

Croatia’s top 5 snorkeling spots

The underwater world is a breathtaking environment that is worth the trip. Since not everyone has a diving license, there is the opportunity to explore the beauty of the sea by snorkeling. In Europe, Croatia offers great snorkeling spots that can be perfectly reached by yacht. That’s why we’ve put together the 5 most beautiful spots for you, so you can...

Northern Dalmatia – Nature, culture and the blue of the Adriatic Sea

More than just swimming and sunsets Croatia has been one of the most popular holiday destinations for us Germans not only since joining the EU. With the introduction of the euro, the last obstacles to a carefree stay on the Croatian Adriatic have been overcome. The region of northern Dalmatia is of particular importance in this regard. Here you can combine relaxation...

Tips for a safe holiday in Dalmatia

Although Croatia is a small and relatively young country that experienced the Patriotic War about 30 years ago, this Adriatic country is particularly safe. According to the Global Peace Index, Croatia is the 15th country on the list of the safest countries in the world. Various factors were taken into account, such as acts of violence, potential terrorist attacks...

Autumn holidays in Croatia

The well-known writer Albert Camus once said – “Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf becomes a blossom.” In this golden season, nature changes, the falling leaves enchant us with their color and the landscapes become real colorful images. Autumn is a perfect time to visit Croatia. Although this small southeastern country is considered a popular...

Korčula, as the greenest island in Dalmatia, is said to have been the birthplace of Marco Polo

The current 16,000 inhabitants are proud of their green and scenic home of Korčula anyway. Korčula is thus the most populous island in the Croatian Adriatic after Krk. But the fact that the family of the famous explorer and world traveler Marco Polo may have come from there and that he may have been born there in the middle of the 13th century still makes the hearts...