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Dalmatien, Bild: Kite_rin / shutterstock

Tips for a safe holiday in Dalmatia

Although Croatia is a small and relatively young country that experienced the Patriotic War about 30 years ago, this Adriatic country is particularly safe.

According to the Global Peace Index, Croatia is the 15th country on the list of the safest countries in the world. Various factors were taken into account, such as acts of violence, potential terrorist attacks, the number of killings, social security, etc.

So you can travel to Croatia without worries and enjoy your vacation in peace.

Book accommodation with a verified landlord

If you have already decided on the beautiful Croatian region of Dalmatia and want to spend your vacation there, then there is only one thing left –
to rent the accommodation
! Treat yourself to a beautiful holiday home and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

When booking a holiday, it is important to book accommodation with a verified landlord or secure websites. Because you certainly don’t want to make a long trip to find out that your accommodation is already rented to someone else.

book your accommodation with MyLuxoria
to be sure that you get what you paid for. On their website, decide on a luxurious villa or a beautiful holiday home where you can enjoy a dream holiday with a beautiful panoramic view and a large outdoor pool.


If you have decided to go on holiday alone, you don’t have to worry at all. Because you will surely be warmly welcomed throughout Croatia. Women traveling alone also don’t have to worry about their safety in Croatia at all.

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The locals are friendly and helpful and will always be happy to help you. Many Croatians speak English and German, so you can easily communicate with them as well.


If you are traveling to Croatia with your own car or a rented car, be careful when driving. Do not drive too fast and above the permitted speed, because you certainly do not want to pay fines on vacation.

If you use public transport, take good care of your belongings.


On public transport, such as buses, trains or trams, you should make sure that you do not leave your belongings unguarded or walk around with an open bag when there are crowds.

Although pickpocketing is really rare in Croatia, you should be sure and not give the thieves a reason to do so.

Our tip is to leave the most important documents and the most money in your accommodation. Bring only some money to the city or the beach, which you need for coffee or lunch, for example. On the beach, you should also take good care of your belongings and close all your bags.


Although small, the whole of Croatia is a safe country where you can walk carefree even at night. Even the children and young people use public transport and can come home alone without fear.

Croatia is therefore also well suited for all solo travelers, especially for women.

Since some regions, such as
, are quite popular and many tourists sometimes create crowds in the city center or on the beach, it is always good to take care of your belongings and money.

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