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Mandrakia, ein traditionelles Dorf auf Milos, Bild: leoks / shutterstock

Holidays in Milos

The Greek island of Milos is located in the southern Aegean Sea and belongs to the Cyclades archipelago. With a total area of about 160 square kilometers, the population of the island is about 5,000 people and the island is therefore comparatively densely populated. A special feature of Milos is the construction of the houses called Syrmata directly on the water’s edge, in order to use the ground floor as a safe parking place for the fishing boat in the winter months. The often brightly painted gates of this Syrmata make for a unique sight in the villages of the island.

Milos is the site of the world-famous Venus de Milo, which is currently on display at the Louvre in Paris . A copy can be seen in the on-site Archaeological Museum.
The island is almost completely enclosed by an extensive bay, which is lined with the few harbour villages. The beaches in the flatter eastern part of the island are known for the different colouring of their rocks and sand.

Sights on Milos

Sarakiniko, Milos
Sarakiniko beach on Milos, Image: Josef Skacel / shutterstock

Milos still ranks among the insider tips and is relatively unknown in Germany , although there is a lot to discover there. In addition to history and culture, there are also beautiful white beaches on Milos. The Greeks call the island an island for lovers and it enjoys a high degree of fame among Greeks. Romance is definitely provided on Milos.

The fishing villages of Klima are densely packed directly by the sea and are partly carved into the rock like small caves. Their sometimes colourful paint makes them a popular photo motif during a relaxing walk along the coast. Especially the sun of the evening hours makes the colors shine.

The port city of Polonia is the port of call for ferries and thus the hub for ferry connections with Kimolos. Despite a population of 300, the place is very lively and, in addition to the harbour mile and the beach, also has numerous accommodations for a holiday on Milos. Polonia is best known for its bars and restaurants, all within easy walking distance.

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One of the most romantic places on Milos is the mountain village of Plaka. On the hill at the church of the village, a fantastic view opens up to the horizon and is one of the most beautiful views the island has to offer. In the morning or evening hours, idyllic sunrises and sunsets can be enjoyed here.

Café Utopia opens every evening for this purpose and offers its guests a sundowner for a plus in enjoyment.

As witnesses of history, there are three windmills in the landscape between Plaka and Tripiti, all of which offer a beautiful view of the island, whose name Milos means mill in Greek. In the Mining Museum of the island’s capital Adamas, tourists can learn about the arduous work in mining and marvel at the high number of treasures found in the earth. On its upper floors is this amazing collection of minerals on display.

The fishing village of Firopotamos, located on the outskirts of Milos, has no sights to offer in the true sense of the word. On the other hand, the tranquil place can boast clear water and a silence that is rarely found on Milos. Firopotamos is the ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots and is ideal for unwinding.

The lunar landscape of Sarakiniko is the most famous attraction of the island due to the bizarre rock formations and the cliff divers.


Plaka, Milos
The picturesque village of Plaka, Image: Nikolaos Tamvakis / shutterstock

The colourful rocks on Firiplaka beach are a real eye-catcher and frame it along its entire length. The beach offers bars and the possibility of renting sun loungers and umbrellas. Sports enthusiasts can either climb the rocks or bathe in the water in front of them.

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For adventurers, the beach of Tsigrado is suitable. It can only be reached from the land side via a rope, which is located in a narrow crevice and is rarely found in this form worldwide. Those who take on the arduous journey to the beach will be rewarded with a fantastic sight. With its turquoise blue water and grottoes, it is reminiscent of paradisiacal beaches in tropical regions.

Divers who want to explore a unique underwater world should consider diving off Paliochori Beach. Due to the sulphur springs in the region, the sea is red in one place and it is home to other species of fish compared to other beaches on the island. Paliochori is one of the most popular beaches on the island and opens up the possibility of many types of water sports. The partially
The red rocks of Paliochori are a unique sight and attract numerous tourists.
The beach on the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko is undoubtedly the highlight of Milos due to its unique rock formations, which provide a fascinating coloring of the sea. Bathers can not only swim off the coast, but also jump into the sea from the iconic rocks.

The longest beach on Milos is Achivadolimni Beach. It has a lot of sand and shady trees along its entire length. Due to its proximity to the road to Adamas, it is easily accessible and due to its dimensions you are less crowded there. The fine sandy beach slopes gently into the sea and is well suited for children and older bathers.

Getting to Milos

There is an airport on Milos, but it is only served once or four times a day by propeller planes from Athens . A direct flight to Milos is not possible, but requires a stopover.

There are regular ferry connections to Milos by ferry from Piraeus or Santorini .