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Holidays by bike – transport

There are many reasons why you don’t want to do without your bike even on vacation. Wherever the holiday trip is to go, the holiday region can be wonderfully explored by bike. If you have planned a trip, the question naturally arises as to how best to transport the bike. Whether by car, bus, train or plane, suitable solutions can be found everywhere.

Transport by car

If you often travel by bike at home, you probably already have a corresponding device mounted on your car to be able to transport your bike safely. In general, it is possible to transport the bike on the roof of the car, on a hitch or rear carrier or inside the car. If you have planned a longer trip, you will hardly be able to do without the necessary space in the interior for the bike, as there are many other pieces of luggage to transport.

Probably the most popular variant is the clutch carrier. Compared to transport on the roof of a car, this variant is more fuel-efficient and safer. With a high-quality carrier, the bicycles can be optimally secured. In addition, the bike can be easily attached.

The bike may be too heavy to lift onto the roof of the car. When buying a bicycle rack, you should make sure that the carrier has been checked, for example by the TÜF or DEKRA. Another point is the comfort of the wearer. Some models can be folded or folded down. Flexible holder arms make it easy to attach the wheels. For more information on buying bike racks, visit heuts.de.

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Transportation by bus or train

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If you are travelling on holiday by coach, it is essential to check with the travel provider beforehand whether bicycle transport is an option at all. Some buses have an extra trailer for bikes, but this depends entirely on the provider.

If you are planning to go on holiday by train, there are various options. Of course, the bicycle can be taken on most Deutsche Bahn trains without any problems. No separate registration is necessary on local trains.

However, if you are going on holiday by IC or ICE, you should include your bicycle when ordering your ticket. Taking it abroad is also no problem. As a rule, bicycles may be taken on trains in the following countries: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia. However, if you cross the border by bike, you need an international cycling map. This can be purchased from Deutsche Bahn for 10 euros (as of 2019).

Another option that Deutsche Bahn offers its customers is to ship bicycles to the desired destination. When you arrive, you no longer have to take care of the bike yourself. Deutsche Bahn will send it to the holiday destination in advance. The bike will be picked up directly at home.

Transportation by plane

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Many long-haul destinations are best reached by plane. If the bicycle is to be taken with you here as well, the luggage regulations of the individual airlines must be observed. There are also airlines where a bicycle can be taken along as free baggage. With other airlines, the bicycle is part of the special baggage and additional costs are charged. In addition, you should clarify before departure whether the bike must be registered before the trip. There are deadlines ranging from 30 minutes before departure to 48 hours before departure.

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The different airlines also have different regulations on how the bicycle must be packed in a flight-proof manner. Usually in a bicycle bag or a cardboard box. It is advisable to unscrew the pedals and release the pressure from the tires. In some cases, baggage handlers are very rough with luggage. It is a good idea to think about appropriate transport insurance for the bicycle. Depending on how high quality the bike is.