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Ein Ferienhaus in den Niederlanden mieten, Bild: Peter de Kievith / shutterstock

Holiday homes in the Netherlands are the best way to go on holiday

Holiday homes in the Netherlands are a popular choice for holidays and recreation. The Netherlands offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor activities, culture and history. There are many places to rent a holiday home, from the dunes on the North Sea to the forests in the east.

These are the two most popular holiday provinces in the Netherlands

If you want to go on holiday in the Netherlands, the question quickly arises when planning which regions are the best. To make the decision easier, the two most beautiful holiday provinces are described below.


The holiday province of Zeeland is definitely worth a trip

One of the most popular holiday home areas in the Netherlands is the province of Zeeland. Here you will find miles of beaches, dunes and beautiful nature. The beaches of Renesse and Noordwijk are particularly popular. The islands of Texel and Vlieland are also a popular destination for holidaymakers.

Another popular holiday home area in the Netherlands is De Hoge Veluwe National Park. Here you will find breathtaking nature with forests, heathlands and lakes. The park is also known for its many cycling and hiking trails.

If you want to go on an active holiday, you are in good hands in the Veluwemeer and Ijsselmeer . There are many opportunities for sailing, surfing, fishing and cycling here. The cities of Lelystad and Almere also offer many activities and attractions.

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Holidays in the Netherlands
Paradise on your doorstep: Holidays in the Netherlands, Image: Dmitry Morgan / shutterstock

The waterways that run through the entire area and offer a unique insight into the landscape are particularly popular. There are also numerous nature reserves, such as the Wieden Nature Reserve and the Gaasterland Forests, which offer a beautiful environment for walks and hikes.

If you want to spend a relaxing holiday in a quiet environment, you are in good hands in the forests and heathlands of the provinces of Drenthe and Overijssel. Here you will find untouched nature and many opportunities for hiking and cycling.

The province of Friesland is also a very popular holiday destination. It is known for its beautiful landscape with many waterways, meadows and forests. It also has a rich culture and history, which can be found in the many historic towns and villages.

A popular place in Friesland is the capital Leeuwarden, which was the European Capital of Culture in 2018. It offers a variety of museums, galleries and historic buildings to visit. A highlight is the Fries Museum, where you can learn more about the history and culture of Friesland.

Another highlight is the town of Franeker, known for its historic old town and the Eise Eisinga planetarium. This is the oldest still functioning planetarium in the world and a unique monument to science.

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Conclusion – Holiday homes in the Netherlands are the best way to go on holiday

Overall, the Netherlands offers a wide variety of holiday home options to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you choose a beach holiday, an active holiday or a relaxing holiday in nature, you are guaranteed to find the right holiday home in the Netherlands.

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