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Der wunderschöne Urlaubsort Hammamet, Bild: Zribis / shutterstock

Hammamet – the pearl of northern Tunisia

Sun-drenched and charming, the enchanting town of Hammamet in the north of Tunisia presents itself on the Cap Bon peninsula. Miles of beaches, a rich cultural heritage and fascinating sights characterize the lively city, which offers the best conditions for an unforgettable holiday and has long been known as one of the most popular holiday regions in the country.

Only 60 km from the capital Tunis, Hammamet is picturesquely framed by miles of sandy beaches in the south and north. The pleasant climate on the Gulf of Hammamet and the clear water in the bay ensured that Hammamet was discovered for tourism as early as the 1960s. At the beginning of the 20th century, intellectuals and artists discovered the region for themselves. Personalities such as August Macke, Oscar Wilde and Paul Klee enjoyed a holiday in Hammamet and so the former fishing village also became known in Europe. Today, the coastal region of Hammamet is considered a multifaceted travel destination with numerous highlights.

The Bay of Hammamet

Medina Hammamet
Medina, Image: Dmitry Eagle Orlov / shutterstock

The bay of Hammamet has become a tourist attraction, not least because of its wonderful beaches. With a length of 20 kilometers, the bay delights its visitors and the beaches of the region seem endless. In many places, sunbeds and parasols are also offered, so that nothing stands in the way of a relaxed beach holiday in the bay. The 1.5-kilometre-long Yasmine Hammamet beach is one of the most beautiful in Tunisia. The fine sandy beach is considered extremely family-friendly. Numerous water and fun sports can be practiced in the bay of Hammamet and practically one beach borders the next along the coast, so there is always a quiet place to sunbathe and relax.

Attractions in Hammamet

The historic medina forms the core of Hammamet and is located on the southern tip of the Cap Bon peninsula. At only 200 by 200 metres, the old town impresses with its hustle and bustle. Completely enclosed by a city wall, the old town area can be reached by a historical tour. Behind them are densely branched souks (market alleys) where the traders offer their wares. Attractions in the medina include the “Great Mosque” from the 15th century and the Sidie Gailanie Mosque from 1798. To the west of the old town rises the Kasbah of Hammamet, which underlines the special atmosphere of the historic old town.

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Even away from the medina, which is well worth seeing, Hammamet presents itself as an interesting holiday resort. Outside the medina, for example, there is a small Christian cemetery on the historic city wall, where the former Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi found his final resting place. Around the medina, numerous historical buildings can be discovered. A special highlight is the restored crypt of Sidi Bu Khadid. The “Place des Myrtyrs” has become the centre of the modern hammament. The square is adorned with a monument that was modelled on the world-famous Eiffel Tower. Around the square, known as a transport hub, modern Hammamet offers plenty of shopping opportunities with a variety of shops and small shops.

Just outside the city is the former villa of the Romanian businessman George Sebastian, a place steeped in history, as the villa once served as the headquarters of the German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. Today, the estate can be visited with its spacious gardens, which are adorned with an amphitheatre and hundred-year-old cypresses. Another highlight of the region is the excavation sites of the Roman settlement of Pupput, which testifies to the fact that the region was already settled in ancient times.

Top attractions around Hammamet

Image: Gimas / shutterstock

One of the attractions of the region is the zoological Friquia Park. The zoo presents itself with 62 animal species and over 400 animals, including some endangered species. Equally attractive is a visit to the Flipper water park, which is located just east of Hammamet directly on the beach. Particularly popular with families is the Carhageland Hammamet amusement park , which is particularly popular with families with younger children with around 20 attractions. But the tourist center Yasemine Hammamet also attracts with a marina worth seeing and the ice rink is a special attraction here. In addition, there are two golf courses around Hammamet.

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Hammamet culinary

In hardly any other region of Tunisia is the gastronomy as diverse as in Hammamet. So there is a restaurant for every taste, as the spectrum ranges from Tunisian cuisine to French cuisine to English cuisine. But those who spend their holidays in Hammamet should definitely prefer the local cuisine, because whether couscous with mutton or freshly grilled fish in numerous variations, Tunisian cuisine is extremely diverse and tempts with delicious dishes. Just away from the hotel restaurants, you can find many a restaurant where freshly prepared Tunisian home cooking is served with delicious stews, meat and fish dishes and freshly baked bread.

Tips with children

  1. Beaches: Hammamet is known for its beautiful beaches, which are perfect for sandcastle building, swimming, and other water sports activities. Yasmine Hammamet Beach is particularly family-friendly with calm waters and soft sand.
  2. Carthageland: This theme park in Yasmine Hammamet offers rides and attractions for all ages, including a dinosaur park and various rides based on the history of Tunisia.
  3. Medina of Hammamet: A walk through the medina (old town) can be very educational for children. You can admire the traditional architecture and shop for souvenirs at the markets.
  4. Flipper Aquapark: A water park that offers a variety of water slides, pools and play areas, ideal for an exciting day out with the family.
  5. Nabeul Market: Near Hammamet is the city of Nabeul, which is known for its Friday market. Kids will enjoy the colorful stalls, crafts, and sweet treats.
  6. Zitouna Stables: For an activity with a difference, consider a trip to Zitouna Stables, where kids can learn to ride and explore the beautiful scenery on horseback.
  7. Cultural centers and workshops: Some resorts and cultural centers offer workshops where children can learn traditional Tunisian crafts such as pottery or painting.

The climate in Hammamet

Month Average maximum temperature (°C) Average low temperature (°C) Average rainfall (mm)
January 16 8 59
February 17 8 47
March 18 10 47
April 21 12 36
May 24 15 20
June 28 19 8
July 31 22 3
August 32 23 5
September 29 21 42
October 25 17 58
November 21 13 56
December 17 9 67