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In Glauburg auf den Spuren der Kelten wandeln, Bild: Reisemagazin-Online

Glauburg – An excursion into the cultural history of Hesse

Glauburg is an idyllic place in the Wetterau in eastern Hesse, known for its unique archaeological finds. The city is a popular destination for history lovers and offers a variety of activities that bring Hesse’s cultural heritage to life.

The highlight of Glauburg are the excavations of the Celtic princely tomb, which is considered one of the most important of its kind in Europe. The tomb was discovered in the 1990s and is home to a variety of valuable artifacts from the Celtic era, including beautiful jewelry and antique weapons. A visit to the Prince’s Tomb is a unique experience that gives an insight into the culture and way of life of the Celts.

In addition to the prince’s tomb, there are other historical sites to discover in Glauburg, such as the remains of a Roman settlement and a medieval castle. The charming old town with its picturesque half-timbered houses is also worth a visit and invites you to stroll and discover.

Lava flows on the Glauberg
Lava flows on the Glauberg, Image: Reisemagazin Online

Another highlight of Glauburg is the charming landscape, which is characterized by gentle hills and forests. The surrounding area offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and canoeing. A hike to the nearby Vogelsberg, the largest extinct volcano in Europe, is particularly recommended, offering stunning views of the surrounding area.

Glauburg is also known for its traditional cuisine and regional specialties such as the handmade Glauburg Lohkuchen, which consists of yeast dough and sour cherries. In the cozy inns and restaurants of the city you can enjoy these and other delicacies and let yourself be pampered by the hospitality of the locals.