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Blick auf den wunderschönen Strand Es Trenc auf Mallorca, Bild: Martin Valigursky / shutterstock

Experience Mallorca – much more than just Ballermann

Many people still associate the Balearic island of Mallorca only with the Ballermann around the traditional “bucket drinking”. A bad mistake, because in the 17th state of Germany so much more is possible than just sangria and partying, although the Schinkenstraße is of course legendary for this. Whether alone on a party holiday or with the family looking for a new adventure, Mallorca offers variety for everyone and is not for nothing one of the most popular holiday homes in the world.

Experience the underwater world of Mallorca – a sensational experience

Everything to do with water is of course one of the most popular Mallorca activities, because not only on the beach, but also under water there is a very special world that is waiting to be explored. Even the term Mediterranean, which is derived from Latin and actually stands for “sea in the middle of land”, is more appropriate than any other. Although the Mediterranean, with its 0.8 percent, is only a very small part of the most important water areas in the plan, it plays an important role in Europe in particular, with more than 10,000 sea creatures.

The Palma Aquarium in Mallorca offers interested hobby biologists and marine researchers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a whole new world and experience it up close. Whether diving with sharks or getting up close and personal with whales, the 4D offer of the innovative offer is one of the most beautiful sights in Mallorca and a real treat for young and old.

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Explore the environment aboard a catamaran

If you like to be on the water, you can’t avoid a trip on a catamaran on the north coast of Mallorca. The sun shines from the sky, the crystal-clear water offers a view into the depths and the catamaran keeps its occupants dry. Departure is in Port d’Alcudia, and the excursion takes about five hours in total. There are numerous beautiful bays to admire and the Aucanada lighthouse also rises to its full size. In between, there is the opportunity to take a look at the Mallorcan mountains, an impressive photo motif, which can also be found on numerous postcards on the island.

When visiting the east coast, a visit to the Caves of Drach is worthwhile

Dragon's Cave Porto Cristo
The Dragon’s Cave in Porto Cristo, Image: Balate Dorin / shutterstock

Porto Cristo is home to Mallorca’s world-famous Caves of Drach, which are always worth a visit. The Coves del Drac, as Mallorcans call the impressive stalactite caves, have a total size of 1,7000 meters and are hung with numerous stalactites. Depending on the month, concerts and performances take place on the gigantic platform, which can even be attended in bad weather. A guided day tour is suitable for all those who do not want to go into the depths of the caves on their own. For real adventurers, however, this is also possible.

If you’re already there, you can also write the Coves del Hams on the plan, because this rock formation in the shape of a fish hook has three other main caves that can be visited. One of these caves is home to a gigantic botanical garden that is home to many species of birds. The so-called “Lake of Venice” then offers the opportunity to enjoy a little culture, as an impressive music show is played here to the sounds of Mozart, which leaves an unforgettable impression due to the cave acoustics.

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For adventurers, a trip to the climbing park is worthwhile

Forestal is a climbing and adventure park in Mallorca that is perfect for all fans of holiday activities. With its various routes, it is suitable for young and old, for beginners and professionals. Most of the courses take place directly in the treetops, visitors with a head for heights are welcome to swing up the bridges, climbing nets and Tarzan swings and then get to know the longest cable car in Mallorca. A visit to the climbing park is a real hit of the day and here it is hardly worth planning other adventures on this day. Those who have mastered the various courses will be happy to relax their legs a little afterwards, with a leisurely round of relaxing on the beach.

Visiting the Sleeping Dragons

Sa Dragonera is the name of Mallorca’s dragon island, which is actually visually reminiscent of a sleeping dragon. As an uninhabited nature reserve, it is located directly off the southwest coast and can be visited by small groups. You can get there from Paguera or San Telmo by ferry. There are many different species of small animals and birds to admire, but the great outdoors and diverse fauna are also a real experience. Rocky terrain and narrow paths await visitors, who have to explore the island on foot. The Far Vell lighthouse, located at an altitude of 300 meters, is the highlight of the island, which can be seen well from afar. To get to Dragon Island, a ticket is required, which should ideally be booked in good time. Since only small groups of tourists are allowed to visit, there must be enough space on the ferry for everyone to be able to cross. It is not possible to travel by jet ski or rubber dinghy, even if you have a boat licence and a driving licence on Mallorcan waters.