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Bei einer Kreuzfahrt über den Rhein lernen Sie viele interessante Städte kennen, Bild: leoks / shutterstock

Every river cruise on the Rhine is an experience

During a river cruise on the Rhine, you will get to know Europe’s beauties better. No matter which Rhine tour you take, along the river dreamlike cities with their sensational sights invite you to visit.
The Rhine is perfect for a multifaceted river cruise. After all, the 1,233 km long river meanders through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Germany. Where can the boat trip go?

Popular tours on the Rhine: Get aboard, we cast off!

The providers of river cruises on the Rhine offer various tours. On www.kreuzfahrten-traumschiffe.de you can find out about worldwide cruises. One of the most popular tours takes you by water from Amsterdam to Basel. On this route, you will cross four countries and discover the most magnificent landscapes in Europe from aboard, including the picturesque Rhine Valley and the impressive Alps.

View of Amsterdam, Image: fotolupa / shutterstock

Amsterdam is a feast for the eyes. The capital of the Netherlands is not located directly on the Rhine, but is often visited on cruises. It impresses with its unique canal system, which is widely branched. Surrounded by gabled houses from the “Golden Age”, as the 17th century is called, it offers attractive photo motifs for the souvenir album. If you’re interested in art and culture, take a detour to Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter before boarding the river cruise ship and sailing down the Rhine to Basel .

The vibrant city in northwestern Switzerland is equally known for its impressive art scene, numerous museums and the most renowned art galleries in Europe. In the medieval old town, which stretches around the market square, the most important sights can be reached on foot. Just like the Gothic cathedral, also known as the Basel Cathedral, from whose viewing terrace you can enjoy an incredible view.
Another highlight in Basel is the town hall, built in the 16th century. It was probably chosen as the city’s landmark because of its red façade made of sandstone. A shore excursion with a tour of the picturesque Swiss city is worthwhile in many ways. Nevertheless, Basel offers a great shopping experience. The culinary specialties are also not to be sneezed at. Have you ever tried Basler Lummelbraten?

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Popular tours by boat along the Rhine lead to the most beautiful cities and sights in Europe. From Cologne with its legendary cathedral, the boat journey to Basel leads via Mannheim in southern Germany. If you want to know what the “Mannheim Squares” are, you should go to the city center. There is also the market square, which boasts a baroque fountain monument surrounded by statues. The baroque palace in Mannheim is also very beautiful. It dates back to the 18th century and now houses the city’s university as well as some historical exhibits.

From Mannheim, a detour to Heidelberg is worthwhile. The university town on the Neckar enchants with a romantic old town, the centre of which is the Gothic Church of the Holy Spirit. Above the picturesque town, a stately castle once towered. Today, only the red sandstones of the castle ruins on the Königsstuhl shine, which is no less impressive.

During a river cruise on the Rhine, you can also get to know Speyer with the Imperial Cathedral, take a stroll through the cozy alleys in Strasbourg and pay a visit to the tanners’ quarter. From Breisach, a bus excursion to Colmar is possible. The French city is the third largest in Alsace and is famous for its delightful old town, which was spared from the war and enchants with medieval buildings and Renaissance buildings. Get to know Worms better, the former capital of the Nibelungen. Or take a stroll through the city of Rüdesheim after the river cruise ship has passed the Kurpfalz and anchored in the Rheingau.

Lively Rhine Wine River Cruises

Do you love wine? A river cruise along the Rhine is a fantastic way to experience the best that Europe has to offer. Not only will you get to know breathtaking landscapes, historic towns and idyllic villages, but you will also get to know some of the most famous wine regions in the world.

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Do you like wine? Take part in an exhilarating Rhine wine river cruise, where a stopover in Breisach am Rhein (Germany) is planned, for example. The metropolis on the German-French border has made a name for itself as a wine and sparkling wine city. If you would like to enjoy Burgundy wine from your own cultivation or sparkling wine from Baden winegrowers’ cellars, you will certainly have the opportunity to do so during your shore leave in Breisach am Rhein.

Mainz Cathedral
Mainz Cathedral, Image: saiko3p / shutterstock

On the banks of the Rhine there are other well-known wine metropolises that can be visited during the round trips with the river cruise ship. Mainz is famous for numerous wine events, wine tours and tours, but also for its Riesling. In addition, the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate is home to the German Wine Institute. The charming old town is also worth a visit, with its medieval market squares inviting you to stroll. Worth seeing are the half-timbered houses, the Renaissance-style market fountain and the Mainz Cathedral, whose octagonal tower is just as striking as the red sandstone façade of the cathedral.

The city of Koblenz is located at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, making it ideal for a river cruise with enjoyable hours. The region stands for pure wine culture. Do you already know the quality wines from Koblenz? If not, you should take the opportunity for a wine tasting on site. The historic metropolis in southern Germany not only impresses with its long wine tradition, but also invites you to a relaxed pleasure hike with its terraced vineyards. If you like to visit castles and palaces, Koblenz is also the right place for you. Perhaps you can take the cable car up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress to enjoy a fantastic view from there.

So you see: there are many good reasons for a river cruise on the Rhine.