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Der Hauptplatz von Ravenna, Bild: Vivida Photo PC / shutterstock

Emilia-Romagna – historical flair meets scenic beauty

Emilia-Romagna stretches between the Po, Veneto, Lombardy and the Adriatic Sea. The northern Italian region not only presents itself as an attractive destination with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, but also enchants with its rich cultural heritage. Vibrant cities meet authentic, small villages, traditions are maintained and historical sights characterize the historic region, which looks back on an eventful history and at the same time has made a name for itself as the home of the major Italian sports car brands and motorcycle manufacturers.

Emilia-Romagna – the underrated natural paradise

As one of the greenest regions in Italy, the region inspires with a fascinating variety of landscapes. From the forests of the Apennines to the pine forests on the coast, the region is home to two national parks, numerous nature reserves and 15 ski resorts. Emilia-Romagna invites you to outdoor activities all year round with its numerous hiking trails, bridle paths, mountain bike trails, ski resorts, snow parks and adventure parks.

The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park is a cross-regional national park that has already been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. With 22,000 hectares of natural landscapes, a fascinatingly diverse flora and fauna, unspoilt beech and chestnut forests, glacial lakes and impressive waterfalls, the national park makes the hearts of nature lovers beat faster.

But also the National Park Forest Castentinesi, as well as the cross-regional nature park Sasso Simone e Simoncello, the 14 regional parks and the 17 state nature reserves as well as the regional park of the Po Delta invite you to extensive exploration tours and inspire with their biodiversity.

Historic cities with flair

When it comes to the most beautiful cities in Emilia-Romagna, it is difficult to rank, because each city has its own charm. From the romantic small town to the capital Bologna , all the cities in the region inspire with their rich historical heritage and so history often seems to be within reach in the alleys of the old towns. But the comforts of our time are not neglected either.

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Bologna – the proud capital and university city

Bologna, Towers
The Garisenda and Asinelli towers in Bologna, Image: Sergey Dzyub / shutterstock

In the Middle Ages, Bologna was one of the most important cities in Italy and this is still reflected in the cityscape today. Magnificent medieval buildings are lined up along cobblestone alleys. The impressive buildings can be found in the centrally located Piazza Maggiore, including the Basilica di San Petronio with its art treasures. The Palazzo del Podestá with its colonnade is also one of the attractions of the city. Likewise, the Archiginnasio is located right next to the cathedral and is considered the most important and impressive sight of the city, because it was the rooms of the oldest university in Europe. The lively city has a lot to offer and so architecture enthusiasts, history buffs and shop-hungry visitors alike get their money’s worth here.

Ravenna – the historic World Heritage City

Ravenna is also one of the cities that everyone should visit at least once. Located in the east of the province, the city shines with huge mosaics that brought the small town world fame. These art treasures have long since been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List , because the mosaics decorated with precious stones and gold leaf are unique. But the basilicas of the city also impress with numerous art treasures and a visit to the Museo Arcivescovile e Cappella di Sant’Andrea should not be missed. Art lovers can also follow in Dante’s footsteps and visit, among other things, the Dante Museum and the tomb of the important Italian poet and philosopher.

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Rimini – the underrated jewel

Tiberius Bridge Rimini
The Tiberius Bridge of Rimini, Image: ALEX_UGALEK / shutterstock

When you think of Rimini, you often think only of sun, beach and sea, parties and celebrities. But away from the beach line, Rimini has fascinating sights to offer. Rimini’s old town surprises with numerous sights from Roman times, including the Tiberius Bridge, which has crossed the Marecchia River for over 2,000 years. An absolute highlight is also the former fish district Borgo San Giuliano. Here you will not only find lovingly renovated houses, but also for street art and film fans, the district is an absolute must. But a walk along the promenade is also worthwhile, because at its end there is the Arch of Augustus, one of the oldest preserved arches of honour in Italy.

Ferrara – the authentic World Heritage City

With the iconic Castello Estense, which rises majestically above the city and offers a fantastic view of the city, Ferrara is one of the most beautiful cities in the region. With an architectural mix of medieval and Renaissance architecture, the charming little town inspires at first sight. If you stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, you can discover a lot. Highlights such as the largely car-free former Jewish quarter or the city’s cathedral leave lasting impressions.

Tips – from handicrafts to culinary delights

Traditions are maintained in the province of Emilia-Romagna and ancient knowledge and crafts are passed on to the next generation. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to walk off the beaten track and, for example, visit the Stamperia Artigiana Marchi in Santarcangelo di Romagna. Historical fabric presses and handmade wooden stamps and traditional tools are still used here. But also in other cities and villages you can visit workshops of artisans who maintain old crafts to this day. Traditional festivals are also still celebrated in the region and so it is always worth taking a look at the calendar of events. Gourmets, on the other hand, should not miss out on shopping at the regional weekly markets as well as a visit to a restaurant or two, because the specialties of the province of Emilia-Romagna literally melt in your mouth and make every gourmet go into raptures.