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Der Präsidentenpalast von Paraguay, Bild: Don Mammoser / shutterstock

Emigrating to Paraguay – What is there to consider?

There are plenty of good reasons to emigrate to Paraguay. Even though the comparatively small country in South America is rarely in the spotlight in this country, it offers exactly those advantages that emigrants usually want when they want to live outside Europe. In Paraguay, it is not only very easy to obtain permanent residency. After only three years in Paraguay , one can also obtain citizenship. And the taxes are lower than almost anywhere else, and the mentality of the people really invites you to think about emigrating to Paraguay. Last but not least, the great climate should be pointed out, which guarantees many sunny days and certainly increases the joy of life.

So why not emigrate to Paraguay? How does it work? What do you have to consider if you want to emigrate to Paraguay? Here is an overview of the most important information.

Documents and applications required for a visa in Paraguay

First of all, all you need for a single entry into Paraguay is a valid passport, which every German can easily obtain, unless he or she is in possession of one anyway. As soon as you are in Paraguay, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. At least that’s how most immigrants to Paraguay proceed.

What do you need locally to obtain such a permanent residence permit? By the way, this is called Cedula or Migraciones. This is what you need:

  • a certified police clearance certificate
    This can be applied for at the citizen’s office in your place of residence, and it is required in Paraguay for people aged 12 and over.

    It is important that it is not older than 3 months when applying for the permanent visa.

  • Health certificate
    In this way, Paraguay protects itself against the fact that the entrant does not carry any serious illnesses. You can get it in a German hospital, but you can also have one made locally in Paraguay.
  • Certified copy of passport
    Alternatively, the original passport with a copy is sufficient, but you should be on the safe side here.
  • Certified copy of the international birth certificate
    You can apply for one at your responsible registration office in Germany. The costs for this are usually around 10 euros. It must not be older than 12 months.
  • Marriage or divorce certificate
    A certified copy of this must also be submitted, which must not be older than 5 years. Of course, this point only applies to those immigrants to Paraguay who are married or divorced.


View of Ciudad del Este, Image: Jose L. Stephens / shutterstock

If all the necessary documents or certified copies are available, they must be sent to the Paraguayan embassy in Germany. The following processing costs around 70 euros, although prices may change here. Once the embassy has given permission, you can enter Paraguay. There they then take care of the permanent residence permit, which is usually easy to obtain – especially for immigrants from European countries. And the initial effort for the general entry into Paraguay is also manageable, as the above list demonstrates.

Conclusion on emigrating to Paraguay

In summary, it can be said that compared to most other countries, it is very easy to emigrate to Paraguay and gain a foothold here. This applies in particular to the official regulations, but also to the way of life of the people. As an immigrant to Paraguay, you are rarely perceived as an intruder. Rather, the Paraguayos perceive new fellow citizens as an enrichment. Which is why it is always worthwhile to think about Paraguay as your new, permanent domicile. Which, as you read, is also supported by the fact that it is child’s play to obtain citizenship – as long as you behave, which, as is well known, applies in all states.


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