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Frankreich eignet sich hervorragend für einen Campingurlaub, Bild: Roman Babakin / shuttersttock

Eight good reasons to camp in France

Camping in France means culture, good food, friendly people and ancient history. These are just some of the reasons why so many tourists come to this beautiful country every year to go on holiday.

1. Campsites France – Prices

The price is often one of the first reasons why you decide to go on a camping holiday, only to find out that you like it and that you continue to visit campsites in France even if the cost has long since ceased to be an issue.

There are some fantastic
campsites in France
. If you take a little time to choose your pitch, you can find campsites in France with all the amenities that are essential for a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

2. The weather

The French summers in the south are legendary. They can be long and glorious, with days of hot sunshine, making them the ideal destination for sun worshippers and lovers of warm holidays. So pack your camping gear and head to a campsite in the south of France to enjoy relaxing days on warm beaches and sunny hikes through beautiful landscapes.

3. Campsites in France – Atmosphere

You will be amazed by the warm atmosphere at the campsites in France. In general, the French have a great love and passion for nature, as well as outdoor activities. This may explain why there are so many campsites in France.

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4. France’s attractions

France is a fascinating country with a lot to do. No matter what your hobbies and interests are, there are tons of attractions and opportunities to keep you, your family and friends busy. You can visit the major cultural attractions in the cities and towns, hike through impressive landscapes or visit the most important historical sites.

5. Of eating and drinking

France is known for its good wines and even better cuisine, and you can take the opportunity to make the most of it during your camping holiday. The locals will be happy to show you the way to the best places to eat, or you can do some research on the internet before your holiday to visit the places whose cuisine you want to experience.

But French cuisine has more to offer than a fine meal in one of the best restaurants. Sometimes the simplest meals can be the tastiest. France offers some great options for rustic meals that taste great. You can sample fresh French bread, croissants and pastries at a local boulangerie or patisserie, and complement your meal with local cheeses and meats.

6. Magical beaches and landscapes

When choosing the destination for your holiday in France, you will be spoilt for choice. You can visit the famous Mont-Saint-Michel with its fairytale atmosphere, unique shops and culture, take a look at the endless lavender fields of Provence or enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the French Riviera.

France is such a diverse country, and you can choose where to stay based on what you want to see and do. Choose between a campsite in the warm south of France by the sea with the beautiful sandy beaches or visit the stunning countryside in central and northern France, where you can hike through some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. One thing is for sure: you will be spoilt for choice no matter where you go.

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7. Culture and History

France has a long and varied tradition that has shaped the country and culture that visitors love to explore on holiday every year. With a rich history based on religion, conflict, and the development of world-famous art, cuisine, and fashion, there’s plenty to see and learn, and France is dotted with various important historical and cultural sites worth visiting.

France has played an important role in much of world history. It has been instrumental in shaping much of what we know and love today, including cinema, fashion, cuisine, and technology, to name a few.

Take advantage of your best time of the year at one of the campsites in France to better understand and appreciate this interesting country and its rich culture.

8. The language

French is a beautiful language that most of us learned in school. There’s no better way to get acquainted with a second language than by immersing yourself in it and trying to communicate with the locals. A holiday is the best option for all children who are learning a new language!

So pack your camping gear and your kids and take them on a wonderful holiday that they’ll enjoy while learning a little more of the language while playing. Most native French speakers will be happy to help your children and encourage them to practice their French.