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Men’s Clothing: Create Trendy Looks with Super Slim Shirts

With a tight-fitting shirt, you can emphasize a slim body and create a casual, but at the same time stylish or even elegant look, depending on the context. Whether Italian or button-down collar, classic or in creative colours – the slim-cut shirt fits almost like a second skin and also nestles against the arms. It can be worn open or tucked in, depending on the occasion, with the cotton fabric facilitating movement thanks to its elastane content.

Men’s Clothing: Types of Super Slim

As with the classic shirt, the collar of the Extra Slim can be French wide or more closed with the tips down, i.e. Italian: A tie is recommended with such a shirt only on formal occasions, but most of the time the slim shirt is worn more casually chic. If you don’t want to use a tie: green light also for Korean collars (without lace) or button-down, i.e. with clearly visible tips and buttoning.

In addition, extra-slim shirts can have a chest pocket; or not, if a “purist” style is desired and dark colors such as blue are used, which would rather hide a bag anyway. The colour palette ranges from the versatile white to the classic vertical blue stripe, without neglecting more intense tones for a personalised look. So black can dress perfectly in the evening and also help to underline a slim physique.

Men’s clothing: trendy combinations

Although the minimalist style is most emphasized by extra-slim shirts, you can play with volume contrasts, for example by combining wide trousers or tight-fitting trousers that you can wear with a tucked-in shirt, and perhaps a blazer or casual jacket over it.

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For milder days, you can create a fresh look with silk or cropped trousers such as the classic Bermuda shorts, perhaps comfortable and equipped with large pockets. Blue jeans also work very well, whether plain or torn, perhaps cigarette-style and with a pair of sneakers that visually match the shirt. The denim jacket can complete a relaxed outfit. And the shirt itself can also be made of denim.

For a casual chic, on the other hand, you can combine the slim white shirt with more formal and perhaps dark trousers, an unbuttoned jacket or even a vest if the season allows.

To recreate a unique and modern style, it is also possible to wear an extra-slim shirt open over a tight-fitting T-shirt, playing with patterns and colors: for example, a plain check shirt or one that ideally matches the color and style of the trousers.

Even crew-neck and V-neck sweaters go well over a super slim fit shirt, accentuating the collar and allowing for a subtly formal solution for an outfit between casual and elegant without the need for a tie.

Caring for a slim-fit shirt involves washing at low temperatures and with not too much spinning, especially since the best models are made entirely of cotton. Some are also non-iron, so you can wear them after you hang the garment on a hanger. However, ironing should never be done at too high a temperature.