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Sonnenuntergang am Strand von Domburg, Bild: Andy Troy / shutterstock

Domburg in Zeeland has a long history as a seaside resort

Young and old alike can experience an interesting holiday when visiting Domburg, the Dutch seaside resort with just under 1660 inhabitants in Zeeland-Flanders. It doesn’t matter whether the guests like to do sports, visit museums or prefer peace and quiet. In the picturesque and sophisticated seaside resort, there is something for everyone. Because in the province of Zeeland there are many activities for all ages. The fashionable seaside resort of Domburg is also perfect for a family holiday. This is because there is a long sandy beach that is popular with locals and holidaymakers alike. This charming coastal town has everything holidaymakers need for a family holiday. The beaches are perfect for building sandcastles and they are also ideal for beach games. There are opportunities for surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. After all the hustle and bustle, tourists stroll past restaurants, cafes and shops on the beach promenade.

The best things to do

The coast of Domburg
The coast of Domburg, Image: engel.ac / shutterstock

The “Hoge Hill” is a dune peak that can be reached via 87 steps. It is not very high. Nevertheless, holidaymakers have a beautiful view of the seaside resort and the coast, to which everyone will say “wow”. The beach of Domburg is just right for a 100 percent relaxing stay. The region is suitable for refreshing walks along the beaches. Holidaymakers also have the opportunity to work on their swing in one of Domburg’s golf clubs. Sporty visitors will not miss the opportunity to take a bike ride or a walk through the beautiful surroundings of Domburg, such as to the Manteling van Walcheren nature reserve. There you can observe how dunes form and change naturally. The area offers everything a nature lover could wish for. In addition, Domburg hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, such as the “Jazz by the Sea Festival” and the “Ringriders Festival”.

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Another highlight is the “Delta Park Neeltje Jans”, only 25 minutes away from Domburg. This is an exciting and educational theme park that features an aquarium with a variety of marine life, as well as a water park with thrilling water rides and attractions. A wonderful destination for those who want to learn more about the sea and its inhabitants. The Iguana Reptile Zoo is also very close to the fashionable seaside resort in Zeeland in the Netherlands. This fascinating place for animal lovers is a “must” for anyone interested in reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. It also serves as a sanctuary for these animal species.

Only 20 minutes from Domburg is the Mini Mundi amusement park . It has an indoor and outdoor playground and a miniature park.
TIP: It should be noted that surf courses are also offered in Domburg.

Famous sights in Domburg

The “Westhove Castle”, located a little outside the city, is one of the most famous sights in Domburg. Zeeland’s landmark is easy to reach; Holidaymakers only have to walk along the beach of Domburg. During their stay in Zeeland, visitors should also not miss out on a visit to the museum of Marie Tak van Poortvliet. The museum is dedicated to the nature and landscape of Zeeland. A good idea for a family outing with children.

Another attraction that tourists should not miss is the bust of the doctor Mezger (1838-1909) on the square ‘t Groentje. This doctor originally came from Amsterdam. When he followed his wife and settled in Domburg, he laid the foundation for the development of Domburg as a health resort. He treated his patients with massages, after which the bathing culture really took off.

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The statue of “Nehalennia”, a local patron goddess, is located about 25 km northeast of Domburg. She was considered the patron saint of all those who stayed in the North Sea and was also venerated beyond the present-day area of Zeeland. Behind the statue are three tombstones from Gibraltar, Norway and Belgium. These are monuments commemorating the liberation of Walcheren in the battle in November 1944.

Domburg, the starting point for a relaxing holiday

The Dutch seaside resort of Domburg, on the North Sea coast, was already founded at the end of the 19. and the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the spas still exist today. The city offers the ideal starting point for a relaxing holiday. Tourists enjoy the sophisticated spa tradition and benefit from the clean sea air. The picturesque town borders the nature reserve “Manteling van Walcheren”. There, the trees have a typical shape because of the sea breeze. The seaside resort is the right place for all those who are looking for peace and relaxation. There are interesting sights to visit and relaxing activities to do. In combination with the fresh air, the stay is guaranteed to provide new energy.