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Bild: Corona Borealis Studio / shutterstock

Corona blues – With these tips and tricks you can drive away melancholy

The corona pandemic has been keeping us on our toes for more than a year. Curfews, closures and isolations are the order of the day. The home office is considered an unwritten law for the majority of the population and confines people even more to their own four walls. These are now increasingly losing their function as a place of refuge and are increasingly turning out to be personal prisons. Unfortunately, this situation will continue for a few more months. With the right mindset and activities, you can still make everyday life pleasant. In the following article, we will show you how to drive the gloomy thoughts out of your head!

Every year again: Corona is still present in 2021

The year 2020 was marked by fear and the hope of being able to resume normal life the following year. In 2021, it is now becoming clear that this will not be the case. Birthday parties, public events and long-distance travel are also cancelled this year. Especially those who like to travel suffer greatly from the regulations. If the last vacation had to be postponed indefinitely, there is currently no longer any question of spending a vacation abroad.

How to get your mind off things

Despite the pulsating pandemic, you should not hang your head. An end is in sight and we have already survived the worst. While you are longing for a mask-free time and absolute freedom and self-determination, you can make the wait easier for yourself with some tips and tricks.

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Relive old memories

Your motivation to try out new hobbies is coming to an end, you’re fed up with sports and DIYs are just not your thing? How about rummaging through dusty boxes and chests and immortalizing the treasures you find for future generations? Because many households still own VHS cassettes, floppy disks or records that cannot be played back with our modern devices. Videos from childhood days, old holiday memories and moments from times long past can be made ready for use again with just a few tools and movements. For example, there is software for digitizing VHS cassettes. The video clips can be transferred to DVD with the program or saved as a video file in the computer. All that is necessary are:

  1. Video capture device, such as a USB device, TV tuner, or capture card
  2. VHS Video Recorder
  3. Analog Cables

Plan your next long-distance trip

Travelling with Corona
Traveling with Corona, Image: Viacheslav Lopatin / shutterstock

You can also use the excess time to find your next destination. Go in search of hidden places and cities that are away from the typical tourist strongholds. With the help of travel guides, specialized websites and travel blogs, you can already work out a round trip or find true insider tips. In addition, the advantages of Corona must also be seen! Due to the pandemic, expenses for leisure activities, restaurant visits and vacations have been eliminated for over a year. As a result, many people were able to accumulate a small fortune. These savings can be invested in an exceptionally long and spectacular journey. Have you ever wanted to fly over New York by helicopter or swim with dolphins? The upcoming trip is your opportunity to turn this dream into reality.

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Bringing paradise into your own home

It is also possible to get into the holiday mood within your own four walls. Give your bathroom a maritime flair or bring exotic cultures directly into your own living room. There is no need to start major renovations or replace the furniture. With small changes, a big impact can be achieved!

With a new wall colour, for example, you can set a colour accent and influence the basic mood of the room. Move the furniture around and think about how you could still use the furnishings. For example, a dessert table and some cushions can suddenly become a small seat. Decoration can also make a decisive contribution to the ambience. Sort out and replace the items that have been obsolete a long time ago. Above all, decorative items with unusual colours and patterns, tropical plants and furnishings from foreign cultures can conjure up a foreign paradise from the well-known room. In addition, redecorating passes the time and is hellishly fun!