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Die Hohenzollernbrücke in Köln, Bild: Stemp21 / shutterstock

Cologne – Exciting city of millions in the west

Cologne is a beautiful Rhine metropolis in western Germany. About 1.1 million people live in the city, which makes Cologne the fourth largest city in Germany! The carnival stronghold has more than 2,000 years of city history – but it has a lot to offer not only historically. From history, modernity and culture to events, leisure activities and sights: Cologne is enormously versatile in various respects! These are the most exciting and popular sights in Cologne:

1. Cologne Cathedral

Cologne, Rhine & Cologne Cathedral
View over the Rhine to Cologne Cathedral, Image: ESB Professional / shutterstock

The real flagship of the city, which almost everyone has heard of, is Cologne Cathedral. The architectural masterpiece in Gothic style towers over the Rhine metropolis at a height of 157 meters with its two towers. Particularly devout Catholics pay a visit to this pilgrimage site with the bones of the Three Kings, but other visitors are also attracted to the huge cathedral. Construction began in the 13th century, but took a whole 600 years. A visit from the inside is also possible to experience the impressive building from its inner side!

2. Rhine Boulevard

From the right bank of the Rhine you have a wonderful view of the city of Cologne. The cathedral, Rhine promenade and old town can be viewed in their full glory from here. The place invites you to linger. Especially in summer, it is a popular place for a picnic or a date night.

3. The Belgian Quarter

If you want to experience real city flair in Cologne, you should definitely visit the Belgian Quarter. The focal point is Brüsseler Platz, which is surrounded by numerous cafes, bars, boutiques and restaurants. The variety is overwhelming and it is no wonder that people only really come alive here. It’s best to take some time in the Belgian Quarter to get to know as many small shops as possible, you won’t regret it!

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4. Cologne Zoo

Zoos in Germany
Graffiti on the wall of the Cologne Zoo, Image: Christian Mueller / shutterstock

Cologne Zoo – the third oldest zoo in Germany – is home to over 700 different animal species. The zoo is constantly evolving, creating a mosaic of newer and older enclosures and enclosures. The diversity is enormously high, the animals come from all continents and oceans. There is a monkey house, an aquarium, the so-called sea lion rock, the rainforest house, the elephant park, the hippodome and so much more. On a day trip to the zoo , not only the little ones will get their money’s worth, because the zoo is a special experience for children and adults alike!

5. Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the City of Cologne is a masterpiece created in 1914. Here, plants from all climate zones are presented in various show plantings and exhibitions. From local crops to exotic woods, both connoisseurs and newcomers can be fascinated. Logically, the Botanical Garden evolves with the seasons and thus presents itself in new colours, shapes and smells every season. Guided tours are also offered for those interested, for example through the Garden of Medicinal Plants.

Book tip: Faux pas guide Cologne
Survival between Himmel un Ääd

Cologne Faux pas guide
Image: Conbook Verlag

If you want to familiarize yourself with the customs of the foolish stronghold before your city trip to Cologne, we recommend the entertaining travel etiquette by Monika Sandmann and Dirk Udelhoven.

Content: The 24-year-old fashion blogger Ulla from Itzehoe moves to Cologne because of love. But before she gets to know and love the city on the Rhine and its self-confident inhabitants, she puts her foot in many a deep faux pas!

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Published by Conbook Verlag, ISBN 978-3-95889-371-9

6. Cologne Triangle Panorama

The Cologne Triangle Panorama is an observation deck built in 2004. From me you should have the most beautiful view over the cathedral metropolis and anyone who has ever been there can confirm that! The platform is located on the 29th floor at a height of 103 meters. High above the rooftops of the city, you perceive Cologne in a completely different way and gain a different perspective in the truest sense of the word!

7. Chocolate Museum

A popular museum and an absolute must for all those with a sweet tooth is the city’s Chocolate Museum! Here you can marvel at the history of chocolate and there is also a permanent exhibition in which the production is presented well and vividly. The guests are especially fascinated by the chocolate fountain and of course it is also possible to buy a great chocolate present here.

8. Hohenzollern Bridge

In addition to the cathedral, the well-known cityscape of Cologne includes the Hohenzollern Bridge, the busiest railway bridge in Germany. You can marvel at the numerous love locks that couples in love from all over the world like to hang up again and again. An estimated 15 tons of love locks are said to hang on the Hohenzollern Bridge, which corresponds to about 40,000 locks. Maybe you would like to hang up the 40,001st love lock on your next visit to Cologne?