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Auf in einen erholsamen Urlaub auf Borkum, Bild: WalterWeiss / shutterstock

Borkum – Holidays with guaranteed relaxation

With an area of about 31 m², Borkum is about 10 km long and a maximum of 7 km wide. It is the largest of the East Frisian Islands and is the westernmost of all the islands in the chain, with a distance of 12 km from the Dutch coast. The town of Borkum with its approximately 5300 inhabitants is a state-approved North Sea spa and offers a variety of spa facilities. As early as 1830, the first holidaymakers from the mainland came to the island, which is now partly part of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Arrival in Borkum

The crossing from Emden to Borkum (approx. 43.5 km as the crow flies) takes about two hours by car ferry and one hour by catamaran, which can only transport passengers. In the port of the island, the arrivals then comfortably change directly into the carriages of the Borkum Light Railway, which has been taking over the onward journey since 1888. The island even has an airfield, which is mainly served by private planes but also maintains regular connections with Hamburg and Emden.

Sights and leisure activities on Borkum

Borkum Beach
Relaxing on the beach of Borkum, Image: WalterWeiss / shutterstock

Tourists, mainly wealthy citizens from Emden, appreciated the peace and fresh North Sea air that Borkum offers as early as the 1830s. Of course, these reasons still apply today. In addition to spa guests, the island is a popular destination for families and couples who want a relaxing beach holiday in scenic surroundings. On the various stretches of coast, guests with a wide variety of requirements get their money’s worth.

Sun worshippers who want a little comfort like to enjoy their day at the north or south pool, where comfortable beach chairs are available during the summer season. Alternatively, the youth pool, where beach volleyball is a top priority, allows a clear view of the vastness of the sea. Friends of textile-free swimming will also find their place on Borkum. Near the airport is the nudist beach, which is very popular here.

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Freizeitbad Gezeitenland

For holidays with bad weather, there is the Gezeitenland leisure pool on Borkum with numerous facilities and attractions. In addition to the spa department and a wide range of sports and wellness courses, the sauna department also attracts guests to relax. If you are looking for fun and action, you can whiz down the giant slide or try your hand at the Flow Rider surf pool, which is the absolute highlight of the facility, especially for the younger crowd. In any case, boredom does not come up in the tidal land!


Historic lighthouse Borkum
Historic lighthouse on Borkum, Image: WalterWeiss / shutterstock

There are three lighthouses on Borkum, which are of course among the most popular sights and photo motifs. The Old Lighthouse dates back to 1576 and is more reminiscent of a church tower in its shape. In fact, he initially took on this function for the Reformed congregation as well. Only three years later, the “New Lighthouse” was built on the west side of the island and in 1888/89 the typical red and white striped “Small Lighthouse” was added on the south beach.

The three churches of Borkum were also all built during this time at the end of the 19th century.
If you are interested in the history of the island, you should take a detour to the small, lovingly furnished Dykhus local history museum near the Old Lighthouse. The exhibits on display give a vivid picture of the everyday life of the islanders in earlier times. Already at the entrance gate you will come across two impressive objects that initially puzzle many visitors. These are the erect jaws of a whale, which are intended to make it clear that Borkum has a long tradition as the home of many whalers. The fence around the property of the particularly successful whaler Captain Roelof Gerritz Meyer (1715 to 1782) also consists of these rarely seen dentition bones.

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Lightship Borkumriff

Since 1989, the former lightship “Borkumriff” has been moored in the protective harbour of Borkum and can be visited by interested parties. Exciting information about the Wadden Sea is available on board in various forms.

North Sea Aquarium

A visit to the North Sea Aquarium with its diverse inhabitants of the underwater world is also definitely part of the holiday programme and is a place where holiday guests can spend a few exciting hours in any weather. Especially for families with smaller children, the island is a true holiday paradise and Borkum offers a varied entertainment program especially for kids during the holiday season.

Other activities on Borkum

The well-kept playgrounds are always attractions where the little ones can let off steam and make new friends with their peers. If the weather is not so nice, people meet in the “play island”. Here, ball pits, slides, climbing walls and much more are waiting to be discovered and in the creative rooms you can paint and do handicrafts to your heart’s content.

Borkum is also an ideal destination for active guests who like hiking or cycling. It is hard to believe that the island has an extensive, 130 km long network of trails through the beautiful nature. On the way you can enjoy a very varied landscape with dunes, pastures and woods. A total of 560 plant species grow here and many of them can be discovered by walkers on their tours.

When strolling through Bismarckstraße, Borkum’s main shopping street, it is worth browsing through the small shops with their wide range of products – everyone is sure to find the perfect souvenir to take home here.

During a holiday on the North Sea island of Borkum, you will certainly not get bored and relaxation is guaranteed for free!