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Videospiele sind gerade während des Corona-Lockdowns die ideale Möglichkeit, um sich digital mit Freunden zu verabreden, Bild: korobskyph / shutterstock

Arrange to meet friends digitally: The best games and applications at a glance!

Due to the Corona pandemic, social contacts threaten to fall by the wayside. However, this does not have to be the case. Nowadays, it is easy to make appointments with family and friends via the Internet. Thanks to umpteen different games and applications, it is possible to defy the ongoing lockdown and maintain contacts.

Real Money Casino: Competitive Gaming
Gambling on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. The gigantic range of games offered by the individual online casinos caters to almost every taste and leaves nothing to be desired. From card games to classic casino games to exotic applications, everything is on board. The majority of the games unfold the most fun in a communal atmosphere. So why not meet your friends for a round of poker? If you want it a little more exciting and competitive, you can even play for real money. Depending on personal preference, you don’t have to play for huge sums of money. You can find out which online casinos with real money are particularly recommended on the echtgeldcasino.co website .

Classic games as an app
Mobile gaming is a central part of public life today. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, numerous games were romping around in the App Store and Play Store. During the lockdown, they are an ideal place to go to combine fun and social contacts. There are many classic games also available in digital versions that can be played together over the Internet.

City, Country, River
General knowledge and speed are the key factors for victory in town, country, river . In the meantime, the classic game is also available in digital form, which sets no limits to personal gaming fun with umpteen different modifications. Many of the variants can be played online via app as well as on the computer with friends.

One of the oldest and most popular board games is also available as an online version. Similar to analogue form, Monopoly is also playable as a digital offshoot with various modifications. The gameplay doesn’t really change much.

Quiz duel
In the Quizduell app, two players can compete against each other and prove their knowledge in different question categories. It is also possible to compete specifically against a friend. If you want, you can also play against a random opponent. Quizduell is available for all common platforms. Whether iOS, Android or PC – quizzes can be done anywhere.

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Among Us: The Video Game Hype
If you call yourself a casual or hardcore gamer, you won’t have been able to get past Among Us in recent weeks and months. The video game with the simple yet so ingenious idea is to be found in the genre of mind games and experienced a huge hype until recently. Even though this has now flattened out again, Among Us remains a very good game. The recipe for success is based on human interaction.

Up to ten players per round are on a virtual spaceship and have to complete certain tasks as a crew. However, two members of the crew are encouraged to play a foul game . They are the so-called Impostors and have to kill all other players and sabotage the ship. Once a body has been discovered, a meeting can be called. Here, they discuss among themselves how the murder happened and who is a possible suspect. Depending on the skill and course of the game, it can also affect innocent people.

Among Us is free to download for smartphones and tablets. For both Android and iOS, this variant is provided with advertisements. If you want to play with friends on your computer, you will find it on the Steam platform. Here, however, you have to pay 4.99 euros for the murderous fun .

Chess for long meetings
A round of chess can take its time, depending on how it goes. The classic board game is challenging and calming at the same time. This unique combination can also be experienced comfortably on the Internet via the numerous chess platforms. So if you’re looking for a longer meeting with your boyfriend or girlfriend and a lengthy game, you should try a game of chess.

As a rule, the online platforms offer the classic game for free. All you have to do is send a challenge via an invitation link or by personal request by e-mail. You get this after successful registration. Apart from the normal chess variant, modified spin-offs can also be tried out on the individual websites. If you want to improve your gameplay, you can even learn new things via tutorials.

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Pen & Paper – Limitless Creativity
Classic board games, casino games and video games are not appealing enough? How about pen & paper? Here you can create your own setting as a group of players and create your own world. There are no limits to creativity. As the name suggests, Pen & Paper requires a pen and paper. The game board, characters and storyline are built only by words. The game principle can therefore be adapted on the Internet without any major problems. There are special online platforms for this purpose, where you can fantasize with friends.

Just like in the analogue version, a participant is appointed as the game master before the start of the game. He decides on the setting and the plot of the story. The other players move with their characters within the framework of the story and accordingly only have a limited radius of action. The self-created characters can learn skills in the course of the story, which are determined by the game master. In combination with simulated dice rolls, these are responsible for how the game goes.

Ideally, the player who is given the role of game master should be spontaneous and creative. This is the only way to ensure a satisfying gaming experience. Of course, a common setting can also be designed before the game night.

Go – A must for strategy fans
Go comes from Japanese gaming culture and is often compared to chess, but offers much more depth. The strategy game is based on skillful placement of the black and white pieces on a grid-like game board. The goal is to encircle the opponent and steal his stones. If you are up for a complex challenge and are looking for a longer game evening with a friend, you should try Go . On the Internet, various platforms offer the Japanese strategy game for free.