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Passeiertal in Südtirol, Bild: Edith Czech / shutterstock

Active holidays to relax in Val Passiria: These sports are suitable for your next holiday

Many of us are probably familiar with the famous saying: “Sport is murder”. Today we know that the opposite is probably true. Sport reduces stress and helps us relax when we have really exhausted ourselves. Of course, there are other sports that support this relaxing effect and even rely on it. Maybe you want to spend your next vacation a little more actively. Then we have just the right tips for you. The Passeier Valley in South Tyrol offers you a whole range of possible activities for your next holiday. We’ll show you which sports are best suited for relaxation during your trip.

The Passeier Valley in South Tyrol

It is probably one of the most diverse valleys in the whole of South Tyrol. It is located north of Merano and stretches along an old long-distance trade route until it finally reaches the Timmelsjoch, a border pass between Austria and Italy.

While Italy almost shows its Mediterranean side in the south of the Passeier Valley, an alpine mountain landscape dominates in the north, which knows how to inspire both athletes and people looking for relaxation.

The tranquil valley in South Tyrol is the perfect destination for active holidaymakers who want to relax at the same time.

Playing golf in Val Passiria

A golf hotel in Val Passiria offers the perfect accommodation to practice this activity. Golf is considered a rather leisurely sport, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be strenuous. Namely, a corresponding endurance is required. After all, a game of 18 holes takes about four hours, during which more than eight kilometers have to be covered.

However, playing on the golf course not only provides relaxation and peace, but also strengthens certain muscle groups, balances the psyche and trains the immune system.

Climbing near St. Leonhard

Climbing in Val Passiria
Climbing in the Passeier Valley, Image: nullplus / shutterstock

In the Passeier Valley, four climbing gardens with a total of 164 routes await you. Even if you are still at the very beginning of your climbing career, you can work out here. It is made possible by different levels of difficulty.

You don’t even have to rely on good weather. If it’s too cold or too wet outside, you can switch to the climbing hall in St. Leonhard. On an area of 400 square meters, you can train your skills on climbing walls. If you are a fan of bouldering, the approximately 130 square meters of space are available.

Climbing not only trains your endurance, but also strengthens all the muscles in your body. A lot of concentration is also required of you. So you train your head at the same time.

Adrenaline and nature while canyoning

The Passer is the river that gives the Passeier Valley its name. The landscape is characterized by the river and its gorges, which you can explore during so-called canyoning. You abseil, slide over wet rocks, swim and dive – all under professional guidance, of course. In this way, you will explore the deep gorges of the Passer River.

Another address for canyoning in the Passeier Valley is the Kalmtal near St. Martin. Due to its natural state, it offers the best conditions.

This activity also uses your entire body. In addition, you will probably be energized most of the time due to your adrenaline rush.

Fly fishing and angling in the Passeier Valley

Fly fishing is a little more leisurely. It’s a sport that you can do there every other Sunday. The season runs from February to the end of September. Beginners can rent the equipment from various local providers. However, you should know that patience is required above all.

On the road on raging rivers: kayaking and rafting

In addition to fly fishing, the waters of the Passeier Valley can also be explored in a kayak or in a rubber dinghy. From Timmelsjoch to Merano, the Passer can be navigated over a length of 46 kilometres, sometimes rushing and exciting, sometimes a little more leisurely.

Rowing mainly trains the back and arms. If you are rafting in an inflatable boat, you always have to coordinate well with the other people in the boat when it comes to paddling. In any case, it will be an exciting experience for you.

Explore the mountains in the air while paragliding

Paragliding in South Tyrol
Paragliding in South Tyrol, Image: Michael Thaler / shutterstock

From the water it goes into the air. Paragliding allows you to explore the landscape from above. Paragliding sightseeing flights are regularly offered around the Hirzer. However, you should definitely have a head for heights and not be afraid of heights. An adrenaline rush is also guaranteed here.

Classics: Hiking

If the sightseeing flight is a bit too exciting for you, you have the opportunity to hike the Passeier Valley. The hiking trails on site are well signposted and offer varied routes for all kinds of occasions. If you just want a walk or do you feel like an extended hut hike – you will definitely find what you are looking for here and have definitely earned relaxation after a strenuous day in your hiking boots.


As you can see, the Passeier Valley offers active holidaymakers a varied programme, which in some places does not lack adrenaline. We wish you a relaxed yet active holiday.