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Die Stadt Vasto in den Abruzzen, Bild: Dionisio iemma / shutterstock

Abruzzo – the insider tip on the Adriatic coast

Abruzzo is a region in Italy with rolling hills, imposing mountains, picturesque villages and seemingly endless dream beaches. Located east of Rome on the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines, Abruzzo is characterized by its special landscape. Until now, the province is considered an insider tip and is still spared from mass tourism. Here you can enjoy a dream holiday on the Mediterranean that has a certain adventure factor.

Wonderful dream beaches

Punta della Penna
Punta della Penna, Image: Luca Lorenzelli / shutterstock

Abruzzo awaits its visitors with about 135 kilometres of fine sandy Adriatic coast. Kilometres of picture-perfect beaches, golden sand and gentle Mediterranean waves promise rest and relaxation. In addition, the water quality here is particularly high, which is confirmed again and again by the Blue Flag. The small towns along the coast with their palm avenues have a very special charm and invite you to linger. Among the most beautiful beaches in Abruzzo are the beaches of Roseto Pineto, sheltered by rocks. Here, the beach is lined with Mediterranean pine trees. The beach and beach club of Ortana are particularly popular with the locals.

Abruzzo – Breathtaking landscape

Lago di Scanno, Abruzzo
Lago di Scanno, Image: ValerioMei / shutterstock

The breathtaking landscape of Abruzzo has a lot to offer. Mostly mountainous and hilly, it’s hot and lush green in the summer, while it’s cold and snowy in the winter. So you can enjoy beautiful panoramas here at any time of the year. Abruzzo is home to the southernmost glacier in Europe – the Calderone. In summer, refreshing springs offer cooling and deep blue lakes invite you to swim. The region is home to rare animal species such as wolves, brown bears, chamois and golden eagles.

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Fortresses and castles

In Abruzzo, the Middle Ages live on. Away from the tourist towns, you can explore medieval fortresses and castles on your own, which can be found everywhere on the hills of the impressive landscape. Probably the most impressive fortress is the Rocca Calascio. At 1,500 m above sea level, it is the highest fortress in Italy. From the watchtower you can enjoy an impressive view over the wide valley and the mountains. also very impressive is the Castello di Roccascalegna, which was built very close to a cliff.

Historic villages and traditional fishing

Rocca di Calascio
Rocca di Calascio, Image: theskaman306 / shutterstock

Abruzzo is home to 20 of the most beautiful historic villages in Italy. History and architecture fans will get their money’s worth here and can admire the remnants of Roman architecture. Particularly impressive is the ancient city of Alba Fucens, which impresses its visitors with a well-preserved fortress and an amphitheater. In the small historic villages such as Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Castel del Monte and Scanno you can enjoy a medieval atmosphere. Along a 70-kilometer stretch of coastline between San Salvo and Ortona, there are small, fragile-looking wooden huts and platforms that rise out of the water on stilts. There, fishing nets hang in the sea, so-called trabocchis, which used to be used to fish for perch, sea bream, anchovies and sardines and are now part of the World Heritage Site.

Active in Abruzzo

Abruzzo is “The Green Heart of Italy” and invites you to hike and cycle from April to October. About a third of the region are national parks, which are well equipped with numerous hiking trails and invite you to take long hikes through the unique nature. Winter sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth in Abruzzo in the cold season.

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Enjoy the culinary delights of Abruzzo

Of course, culinary enjoyment should not be neglected on holiday. Its location between the Apennine Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea makes Abruzzo the ideal region for fishing and agriculture. On the coast you can enjoy seafood of all kinds, while inland there are typical Abruzzo dishes such as grilled lamb skewers or various pastas. In the oldest pasta factory in the region, visitors can experience how handmade pasta has been made here for 200 years. You can also enjoy good wine in Abruzzo. The famous Montepulciano d’Abruzzo with its harmonious taste is always a delight.