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Mit der richtigen Planung kann man mit seinem Haustier einen schönen Winterurlaub verbringen, Bild: Hrecheniuk Oleksii / shutterstock

Winter holidays – relaxed holidays for people and animals

In summer and winter, pet owners are repeatedly faced with the problem that the animals have to be cared for during the holiday season. While this can usually be organized quite well with small animals, dog and cat owners face a bigger problem. While the decision for cats usually boils down to the fact that they are better accommodated in a kennel or in their familiar environment than when travelling, dog owners often decide to go on holiday together with their furry friend. To ensure that it is still a relaxed holiday and that the animal can also remain relaxed in the unfamiliar environment, there are a few things to consider in advance.

Winter holiday destinations with the shortest possible travel distances

If you decide to take your most loyal friend with you on your winter holiday, you should think about it when choosing a destination. Basically, the shorter the journey, the more pleasant it is for the animal. Even if you know that your dog can bravely endure longer distances in the car without any problems and remain relaxed, you should at least plan generous breaks on the journey. It is also important to have water and food ready for the breaks and especially in winter it is advisable to deposit several towels in the vehicle so that the dog’s paws and fur can be dried after the breaks if necessary. The train is also an alternative to the car, but it must be borne in mind that no individual breaks are possible and many strangers also mean stress for the beloved furry nose.

Pet-friendly accommodation at the holiday destination a must

Whether it is a hotel, a holiday apartment or a holiday home, it is a must for pet owners to clarify whether animals are allowed before booking accommodation. Once this has been clarified, you should still take a closer look at the desired accommodation to see if it meets your own ideas and needs. While you can usually get along with a small dog in a normal-sized hotel room without any problems, it is advisable to make sure that the booked rooms are of an appropriate size for larger animals, so that the animal does not feel restricted in its urge to move even in the accommodation in case of doubt.

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Occupation for humans and animals on winter holidays

Winter Holidays Animals
Image: Soloviova Liudmyla / shutterstock

A winter holiday can be a lot of fun for both the dog and its owner, because walks together in the snow are always a great experience. However, if you are planning to go to the slopes and indulge in skiing pleasure during your winter holiday, you should be aware that your beloved four-legged friend has no place on the slopes. This is not only for the benefit of the other skiers, but also for the benefit of the animal, which could be seriously injured in an accident.

Accordingly, it should be planned in advance what orientation the winter holiday should have. Skiers who do not want to do without their dog on holiday should therefore find out in advance whether there is a dog boarding kennel, care or at least a dog walking service in the holiday resort. If this is the case, a corresponding booking should be made immediately after the trip has been booked. If you deliberately give up skiing and want to use your holiday to explore your new surroundings together with your faithful companion, you are well advised to go on long snow hikes, because they are good for people and animals. Playing and retrieving is also even more fun in the snow.

Quick acclimatization of the animal at the holiday destination

To make the holiday really a pleasure, you should not only think about the usual food and treats, but there is definitely a little more in the luggage for the four-legged friend. It is essential to bring the usual water and food bowls into the holiday accommodation. In addition to the bowls, it is advisable to have something ready to put underneath so that the floor in the holiday accommodation is not affected. To get used to it quickly, it is also recommended to take your favorite toys with you on vacation and also not to forget the usual cuddly blankets for sleeping, the dog bed or the basket. Of course, the dog leash, a harness and poop bags also belong in the luggage. It is also advisable to have a spare leash and a spare harness ready, as not everything can always be obtained quickly on site. In addition, a copy of the dog liability insurance and the EU pet passport should always be at hand.

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Dog health on winter holidays

Especially on winter vacation, the care of the dog is an important topic and so a brush should definitely go with you on the trip. Since the fur is quickly affected when romping in the snow, it is worthwhile to have dog shampoo ready and of course your own towels, as the towels of the accommodation should be reserved for people. If you are planning longer hikes, you should also use special dog shoes for mountain tours to reduce the risk of injury and protect the dog’s pads. After normal walks on winter holidays, the bales should always be washed off, as salt is often used as a gritting agent on the roads in winter sports resorts.

Don’t forget before the holiday
Two important topics that are often forgotten are medication and a holiday dog tag. Not only medication that the dog takes regularly should go on the trip, but before the trip a first-aid kit should be put together together with the veterinarian. Especially due to the excitement of the journey and the unfamiliar environment, gastrointestinal problems can occur in sensitive animals and as a dog owner you should be well prepared for this. The topic of holiday dog tags is just as important, because if the dog should run away for any reason, it is important that the holiday address and the telephone number where the owner can be reached on holiday are known. This is achieved by a holiday stamp with a holiday address and telephone number. It is recommended to attach the tag to the dog harness when leaving home, because if the dog runs away without a tag during the journey or directly on arrival, it is impossible for the dog finder to reach the owner quickly and easily.