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Urlaub im Luxushotel, Bild: stock_SK / shutterstock

Why it sometimes just has to be 5 stars

Hotels are rated with stars in the international area, with 5 stars corresponding to the luxury class. “Far too expensive,” say some, “that’s standard,” others know. There are situations in life where you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. This is especially true for dream vacations, because there is a considerable difference between 3 and 5 stars. Here are the best reasons why it can be luxury on holiday.

What 5 stars really mean

An Iberostar 5-star holiday sounds good, but what does the classification actually mean? We all know that 5 stars is the highest achievable class, but what amenities does that bring? Contrary to popular belief, the star rating has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the rooms, which should always be the case with a 2-star hotel. Instead, they are features of the hotel that vary depending on the star class.

5 stars at the reception – this is the luxury holidaymakers can expect

Already at the reception in the 5-star hotel, holidaymakers notice the difference. Staff is available at the reception around the clock, so late check-in is standard. In order to guarantee a smooth process, the staff at the reception are at least bilingual, but mostly multilingual. For the convenience of check-in, several bellhops are available, and the wagon master ensures that the car of the arrivals ends up in the parking lot.

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If you are exhausted after the strenuous journey, you can sit down directly on one of the seats in the reception hall and take advantage of the beverage service. Of course, a smile is automatically put on the face of the holidaymakers, because the 5-star service also includes a personal welcome.

In the room – that little bit of luxury for relaxation

When the travelers finally arrive in their room, the luxury continues. Room service can be used around the clock to serve drinks and food. Of course, there is a minibar in the room, which is replenished again and again. Valuables are provided by a safe, which is mandatory in the 5-star hotel.

Don’t feel like crumpled clothes out of your suitcase? No problem, because the ironing service is also one of the requirements for a 5-star hotel. During the shoe shine service, a shiny pair of shoes can then be provided.

5-star hotels are regularly scrutinized by anonymous test persons to ensure that the service actually lives up to its promises. In terms of facilities, such a luxury hotel must be at the top, even to a 4-star hotel there are still differences. Flowers in the room, toiletries and a small gift for newcomers are standard.

Conclusion: It can also be luxury

No doubt, the cost of a 5-star hotel is higher than that of a 2-star campsite. Nevertheless, the hotels are almost always fully booked, because the guests appreciate the service. It is not the price itself that is decisive, but the price-performance ratio. The higher costs for the night in a luxury hotel are compensated for by the services. Dirty rooms or lack of comfort? Holidaymakers don’t want to deal with such annoyances. And that’s why it can be a little “relaxation and luxury” at a very special time of the year.