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Wunderschönes Ufer von Willemstad, Bild: elvirkins / shutterstock

Why is Curacao such an exotic destination?


Travel lovers are always looking for unique destinations, and those looking for a gem in the Caribbean will love Curacao. The island of Curacao in the southern Caribbean captivates with its unmistakable charm, the colorful capital to the diverse landscapes and the thriving underwater world. But the island has much more to offer.

Culture and history

Curacao has a rich and diverse culture. The country has been shaped by the influences of various countries, including Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and by the indigenous peoples. Visitors can see this not only in the architecture, but also in the cuisine and the different languages spoken on the island. UNESCO has also recognized this and declared the capital Willemstad a World Heritage Site. This enchants its visitors with its unique Dutch-Caribbean architectural style and the numerous pastel-colored buildings. These testify to the tradition as a trading center.

Pristine beaches

The coast of Curacao is considered a natural jewel that attracts travelers from all over the world with its pristine beaches. Mambo Beach is considered the most popular beach, but those looking for peace and quiet will find their happiness in the secluded bays of Playa Jeremi and Playa Lagun. The island offers something for every sun-seeker.

What distinguishes the beaches of Curacao are their unique characteristics. The rocky landscapes and turquoise waters provide the ideal backdrop for visitors. They make Curacao a place of longing for divers and snorkelers.

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Marine Wonderland: A Diver’s Paradise

Underwater lovers will get their money’s worth here. The magnificent marine ecosystem boasts some of the most diverse and pristine coral reefs in the Caribbean. The country is very committed to the protection of the oceans and has therefore created various marine parks, such as the Curacao Underwater Park, the Man of War Shoal Marine Park and the Klein Curacao Marine Park.

Divers and snorkelers can explore vibrant coral gardens here and swim with turtles, rays and an abundance of fish species. The Blue Edge, a steep chasm around the island, and other sites offer an unforgettable experience for divers.

A world of diverse tastes

The diverse cultural influences of Curacao can also be seen in the cuisine. The island’s cuisine reflects its multicultural heritage, resulting in a vibrant variety of flavours and dishes. From Dutch-inspired keshi yena (stuffed cheese) to Indonesian-inspired nasi goreng and fresh seafood, Curacao invites you on an enticing culinary journey.

At the local markets, such as the floating market in Willemstad, visitors have the opportunity to taste tropical fruits and typical dishes of the island. Karni Stoba (beef stew) and Funchi (a side dish made from corn flour) are recommended, accompanied by a refreshing Blue Curacao liqueur, which is synonymous with the island and its vibrant culture.

Adventure beyond the beach

In addition to the beaches, the island also offers a variety of activities for beyond the coast. The panoramic view from Mount Christoffel in Christoffel National Park offers hikers a unique view and a great experience. The Hato Caves, which can be explored on a guided tour, present visitors with an underground world of stalactites and stalagmites.

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Curacao and Online Casinos

Even if you have never visited Curacao, the island can be familiar to you. Curacao is known for licensing online casinos. Many casinos on the Internet are licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board and are thus legally allowed to offer gambling and sports betting.

The online casinos with Curacao license offer players the opportunity to find thousands of games and attractive bonus offers. Most Curacao casinos accept cryptocurrencies, so they can make payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other digital assets.

Not only can players in Germany try out slots, table games and even live dealer tables from the comfort of their own home, but also every holidaymaker who is looking for relaxation and variety in their hotel room. Spielhallen.com rates the best online casinos with Curacao license, which makes it easy for readers to find the right casino when it comes to the topic of fair and safe gaming environments.


The exotic appeal of Curacao lies in the diverse mix of cultures, breathtaking landscapes and the allure of adventure that awaits around every corner. In the gambling industry, Curacao’s license has become a popular regulation because it gives players more freedom and they can even deposit with digital coins. Curacao is an exotic paradise in the heart of the Caribbean that has a lot to offer visitors.