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Mit dem E-Bike in den Urlaub, Bild: gorillaimages / shutterstock

Why is an e-bike particularly suitable for city traffic and travel?

Within a few years, the number of e-bikes sold has increased significantly. A phenomenon that can be explained by an ecological awareness and the genuine desire of part of the population to change their travel habits. The bikes are health-promoting and your users can get around the city faster than by car. The electric bike therefore has real advantages both in everyday life when commuting by e-bike in the city and when travelling.

Getting around with a city e-bike opens up scenarios and possibilities that should not be underestimated: no more traffic, downtime or parking stress, plus zero emissions, reduced maintenance costs and physical well-being.

The wider use of e-bikes, which can be observed for the first time on the streets of cities, also opens up new opportunities for cycle tourism. While long-distance tours or steep climbs would be a deterrent for many holidaymakers, the e-bike opens up the prospect of an easier, less sporty and more fun cycling holiday.

Users of electric bicycles also have the opportunity to explore other destinations on day trips and return to the hotel or home in the evening. Many cyclists who were no longer able to cover long distances for health reasons suddenly have a new chance to continue with the means of transport.

Advantages of e-bikes

There are numerous benefits to using an electric bike, which can be divided into two main areas: health and savings. These benefits are not only felt by those who use e-bikes, but also by society as a whole. The acquisition costs are higher than for a conventional bicycle due to the technology involved. Still, the electric bike is an excellent way to save a lot of money if you use it for commuting to work or for trips that you usually travel by car for. The e-bike costs you only about 1 euro in electricity costs for 1,000 kilometers ridden (0.001 euros per kilometer!).

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The freedom to do sports without sweating

Hills will no longer be an obstacle to cycling, because with the assistance of the electric motor you can effortlessly (but with pedaling) overcome all the hills in your path. The enthusiasm of being on the road with a normal bike often wears off after just a few days. The electric bike offers you a more regular, less intense, but still healthy way of exerting. You constantly have the feeling that you have a favorable wind at your back, even when “riding uphill”.

Many cities and resorts have set up numerous cycle paths. This makes it easier to ride an e-bike. You drive at a good speed and completely safe from the eyes of drivers tired and stressed by traffic jams to your workplace or hotel. With an electric bike, you have the advantage of being able to choose the level of exertion more easily.

What do you have to look out for when buying an e-bike?

Ask friends and acquaintances about their experiences before you buy an e-bike. For the rest, it all depends on your needs and how you want to use it. But as a general rule, it is important to pay attention to the lighting system and the complete damping. Maybe choose a model with a fork at the front to combine it with a suspension seat. Choose tires of a certain width (over 1.5 inches) that will improve driving safety and comfort despite the increase in weight, and provide safety over potholes or tram tracks.

Brakes, motor and battery

Hydraulic rim or disc brakes provide a lot of safety with the increased weight of electric bicycles. A coaster brake can also be combined with many drives. Opt for a model with a brand-name battery, because there are significant differences in the batteries (they decide on the ranges).

Asphalt, Mokwheel
The asphalt e-bike is specially designed for the cyclists in the city, Image: Mokwheel

Tip: For urban commuters, we recommend the “Asphalt” bike from Mokwheel (RRP 1,699 euros). The asphalt is an e-bike designed for urban commuting. The battery capacity covers daily commuting needs and does not require frequent charging. In addition, the torque sensor is configured to enable efficient power transfer, allowing you to reach higher speeds and cover greater distances.
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The law requires a motor with a maximum output of 250 watts for pedal-assisted bicycles. The capacity of the battery depends heavily on your weight, your personal needs and the distance you want to cover with your e-bike.

There are three standards for the position of the motor, each with advantages and disadvantages: The central motor placed under the bottom bracket is rarer, but it is preferred by many users for stability and riding pleasure. On the one hand, a rear motor ensures direct power transmission and enables energy recovery, and on the other hand, it shifts the entire load to the rear axle. In the end, the front engine is the most economical solution, but at the same time less pleasant to drive.

Weight and size

Also, keep an eye on the weight of the bike. Also consider whether you are taking luggage with you and whether the luggage rack is suitable for it. Also note the permissible total weight of rider, e-bike and luggage.

What is the right frame size for you? The theoretically calculated value is not always optimal. The measurement can determine whether the vehicle is suitable for your size or not and is mainly measured by the distance between the saddle and the handlebars, by the measurements of the seat tube and also by the width of the handlebars. The best thing to do is to try it out!

However, you may need a special solution such as a cargo e-bike or an electric tricycle for adults. Each e-bike has an on-board computer, a display and a simple control panel. If you opt for an expensive electric bike, you will be shown not only the battery life, but also the remaining mileage, your distance traveled, the current speed, etc.

With brand-name bikes, fast spare parts procurement is guaranteed, as is compliance with the legal warranty.