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Das schöne Wetter zieht in diesem Sommer wieder viele deutsche Touristen nach Amalfi, Bild: proslgn / shutterstock

What is the best time of year to spend a holiday in Italy?

Italy is beautiful in summer. There is an opportunity to visit the sea and enjoy the sun on beautiful beaches. Visiting the historical sights in Rome can be more pleasant when the sun is shining than in winter. But when is the best time of year to travel to Italy?

In some regions of Italy it gets particularly hot in summer, in others there are milder temperatures. The Mediterranean weather makes Italy a big draw and there is hardly too much variation in temperatures over the course of a season.

Travel times and temperatures Northern Italy

Northern Italy, which includes South Tyrol, is a popular ski resort. Although it can get warm here in summer, the climate is much milder than in the south. In summer, the maximum temperatures here reach just over 30°C degrees and it is warmest, especially in July and August. Spring (May) and autumn (September and October) are particularly suitable for hiking in the Alps.

Travel times and temperatures Southern Italy

In the south, however, there is a Mediterranean climate and it can be very dry in summer. In Sicily, the climate is subtropical. Here, too, the temperatures in summer are around 30°C, but can reach more than 40°C degrees. July and August in particular should be avoided if heat is not well tolerated. From March to May and October to November, the temperatures are more pleasant.

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Travel times and temperatures Rome

Rome, Colosseum
The Colosseum in Rome, Image: Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock

Rome can also get very hot in summer and the thermometer can exceed the 40°C limit. The temperatures, which are also usually around 30°C degrees, can reach several peaks. Since there is no cooling off by the sea in Rome, it is often best to choose spring or autumn to visit attractions and museums.

What is the current situation in Italy?

The culturally rich country on the Mediterranean is slowly preparing for the usual tourist numbers again and according to studies, the mood among consumers and entrepreneurs is confident again. The curfew, which is currently still in force at night, is to be relaxed from June 21 and normality is slowly returning to Italy in general.

It is expected that several regions will be able to be marked as so-called white zones from July. This means that the Corona danger is almost no longer felt here and therefore the restrictions are largely lifted.

So since a significant improvement is expected and the number of tourists could soon rise again, the Italian economy could also be on the road to recovery again. It can be assumed that interest in investing in the country will also increase and could influence the upward price of strong stock indices such as Italy 40, which unites Italy’s 40 largest companies. A detailed technical analysis of the Italy 40 stock index can be found on the webtrader platform . A stock index often provides an important indication of the state of the local market.

All in all, things seem to be looking up again for Italy after a prolonged crisis situation. Summer could offer the opportunity to visit the beautiful regions of the country and finally enjoy a long-awaited vacation!

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