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Die berühmten weißen Häuser mit blauen Dächern in Santorini, Bild: Anastasios71/shutterstock

Travel deals to Greece – save money when booking

With over 3000 islands, Greece offers a breathtaking variety and countless dream beaches. The mainland also has a lot to offer, from Mount Olympus to various culturally significant places. The country offers the ideal conditions for a good mix of beach holidays and excursions. With the right package tour, this can be implemented cheaply without much planning.

Advantages of a package tour

A package tour offers the complete holiday package in one. From a hotel to the flight to the transfer from the airport to the hotel on site. This means that you invest less time in organising your holiday, because the tour operator takes care of all this. Package tours in Greece, which are also offered through travel providers such as TUI, are so popular for a reason. The tour operator, known above all for the logo with the smile, is popular with many as the tourism market leader in Germany, for example, because something suitable can be found for every wish.

If you choose all-inclusive as a meal plan for a package tour, all meals, snacks and drinks are included in the price. Often this saves you a lot of money compared to travel, where you have to pay for all drinks and restaurant visits individually. In many hotels, a tour guide with German language skills is available to you. If questions or concerns arise along the way, this can be clarified in a relaxed manner on site. There you will also find support in planning activities. You can book many activities directly with the tour guide and thus save yourself research effort. But beware – in many cases you can save money by booking activities and excursions with local providers. A little research on site can’t hurt and you can explore the immediate surroundings of the hotel at the same time.

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Summer holidays in Greece

Zakynthos, Navagio Bay, Ionian Islands
The famous Navagio Bay on Zakynthos, Image: StockBrunet / shutterstock

What is the weather like in Greece? The country has a Mediterranean climate and offers its visitors hot and dry summers that provide plenty of time for sunbathing. For this reason, the best time to travel is from May to October.

The season for summer holidays is significantly longer than in other destinations in the Mediterranean. Due to the diversity of the islands and different landscapes, Greece will not be boring even on several trips. Sports fans may be wondering if there are water sports opportunities on holiday in Greece – but even here the country has enough activities to offer so that everyone gets their money’s worth.

The small and larger inhabited islands are particularly attractive, with beaches that vary from fine sand to pebbles. The Navagio beach on Zakynthos is world famous for the shipwreck lying in the sand and clear, turquoise water. But there are also many beaches that are less known and therefore more lonely. In Crete, many hotels are located directly on white sandy beaches, over which miles of walks are possible.

Culture to experience

But where is it most beautiful on the Greek mainland? It would definitely be a shame to enjoy only the beaches in Greece. The country’s long history makes for a wide range of exciting sights. On a holiday on the mainland, a trip to Athens is a good idea. In addition to the famous Acropolis, there are many excavation sites in the middle of the city that can be explored on foot.

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Meteora attracts with fascinating rock formations and 24 monasteries, which are protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tranquility and tradition can be found on Hydra. There are almost no cars there, but donkeys and carriages are used to get around. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the amphitheater of Epidaurus, the most important in Greece. In Santorini, you can admire white houses with blue roofs that stand out against the deep blue sea and offer the ideal photo motif.

Enjoy Greece

Moussaka, Greek food
Moussaka, a popular Greek dish, Image: Nina Firsova / shutterstock

Culinarily, Greek cuisine tempts with many summer dishes. Garlic, olives, fresh vegetables and lamb are characteristic. The dishes are complemented by aromatic Greek wine. But the Greek specialty you shouldn’t miss is an original moussaka. In the end, however, there is something for every taste. Many family recipes are also passed down from generation to generation, so that the food becomes something very special.


A package tour is a good starting point for exploring Greece. With the beach right on your doorstep, you can go on exciting excursions. Booking a package tour can save not only money, but also the time for elaborate organization. This way the anticipation of the holiday can be enjoyed even more and during the holiday itself you can optimally unwind.