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Mit dem Mietwagen Mallorca erkunden, Bild: Image Source Trading Ltd / shutterstock

Top tips for renting a car in Mallorca

If you take a trip to Mallorca, you will certainly not only want to lie on the beach on the beautiful Balearic island, but also explore special areas. This is possible if you choose the right rental car for you and if you also know the traffic rules on the island. We give you the most important tips on what to look out for when choosing.

Attention traffic rules – everything is different in Mallorca

Mobility in Mallorca is important, car rental in Mallorca with ROIG works optimally. But before you get behind the wheel and set off, you need to learn the traffic rules on the island. You can drive from the age of 18, but you can only rent a car from the age of 21. The driver’s license must have been in your possession for at least one year.

It is important to note that there are special speed limits in Spain . In built-up areas, you are allowed to drive a maximum of 50 km/h, and 90 km/h is allowed on country roads. Motorways are an exception, where you are allowed to accelerate up to 120 km/h. The regulations are also strict with regard to drinking and driving. If you have had your driving licence for less than two years, you may have a maximum of 0.3 per mille in your blood, drivers with a longer driving licence may have a maximum of 0.5 per mille in your blood!

It pays to book your rental car in good time

Car Rental Palma
A visit to Palma de Mallorca is a must, Image: lunamarina / shutterstock

Prices are regulated by supply and demand. When many bookings come in, cars become more expensive. Therefore, book before your trip and then you can look forward to your dream car. Also keep in mind that you plan the return carefully, one day is valid for 24 hours at the car rental. A sufficient time buffer is therefore important.

Insurance is also crucial. If you choose a fully comprehensive insurance with no excess, you don’t have to worry and you can drive through the streets of Mallorca. However, it should be borne in mind that the statutory minimum insurance in Spain is just 350,000 euros.

Don’t be deterred if the car rental company talks about other insurances. All you need is a fully comprehensive insurance with Mallorca policy, so you can drive carefree.

Check your chosen car directly at the reception

When you receive the car, you must first check it for possible errors. Before you have put your car through its paces, you should not even get in. Always keep a handover log and make a note for all defects. Important points to consider are the tread depth, the light and the lenses. If there are any defects here, have them noted. If you see stone chips, do not accept the car, as this may be a source of danger for you.

Also take a look at the wiper fluid and cooling tank and check the additional equipment for functionality. Always remember, everything you have not recorded in the handover protocol will be charged to you later in the worst case. However, a reputable car rental company will make sure that this protocol is created satisfactorily for both sides and that you do not have to worry.