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Tropischer Strand auf Koh Phayam, Bild: u photostock / shutterstock

Tips and information about Koh Phayam

If you think of the island paradises of Thailand, you will certainly develop a lot of passion for the small island of Koh Phayam. Sparsely populated and almost untouched in its very own nature, the island offers a great opportunity for relaxation and a discovery of the special nature of Thailand’s small islands, especially for excursionists. Due to the fact that the island has only become a paradise for holidaymakers in recent years, there are not many historical sights to see here. On the other hand, visitors will find great nature and a variety of opportunities for relaxation and time on the beach.

The holiday destination of backpackers

For many years, the islands of Thailand have had the reputation of being particularly popular with backpackers and travelers who embark on a journey through the world on their own and away from mass tourism. Although there is little infrastructure for tourists on the island, all in all you will find a paradise here, which is still almost untouched compared to the rest of Thailand.

The few accommodations that exist on the island are not connected to a huge hotel complex and all kinds of amenities. They are quite simple bungalows that require minimal equipment and thus fit perfectly into the image of the island. This is also one reason why many of the holidaymakers who discover the island for themselves do so with a day trip and opt for accommodation elsewhere in Thailand.

Since the island also has a rather poorly developed infrastructure, mopeds usually move across the island and connect the two main beaches, Ao Yai and Ao Khao Kwai. This is also where much of life on the island takes place. If you are looking for almost unspoiled and dreamy beaches from the catalogue, you will find the right motifs and the best opportunities for a few hours of relaxation.

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What should you have done and seen on the island of Koh Phayam?

Arrival on Koh Phayam
Arrival on Koh Phayam, Image: Arkadij Schell / shutterstock

After arriving by boat, the small temple at the pier is particularly striking. Of course, even this small island, which is close to the border with Myanmar , does not come without a worship of the gods. The building, which was built by the inhabitants, has its very own charm and may of course be visited and examined with due respect. From here it goes on to the actual settlements of the island. Those who have decided on a hotel are usually picked up directly and can move into their own bungalow shortly afterwards. For most visitors to Koh Phayam, however, the excursion begins with a visit to the small village of Koh Phayam Village.

This place is almost flatteringly described as “village”, because there are no more than three streets here. A handful of restaurants and a few shops for daily needs form the centre of the village. If you forgot your sunscreen or want to stock up on some drinks or a local soup before the trip to the island center or the beach, you can do it here.

Hippie Bar at Buffalo Bay
Hippie Bar at Buffalo Bay, built of driven logs, Image: Monique64 / shutterstock

On the island itself, there are actually no other buildings to be found that would have to be considered a special sight. Although many of the holidaymakers have left their own testimonies, especially on the beaches – for example the stone towers or the self-built bar of Buffalo Bay – nature is the attraction here. If you are looking for relaxation, you can opt for one of the many beaches on the island. Here you have to hope for your own luck, because especially in the high season, many visitors are now drawn to the island who want to visit the pristine beaches and laze around a little. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, you can take a tour into the jungle in the core of the island. Corresponding tours are offered both on Koh Phayam and by the providers who also arrange the tours to the island.

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Snorkeling, diving and kayaking tours on the island

One thing that makes Koh Phayam so charming is that you can experience and plan your trip on your own. Since there is only a small tourist infrastructure, you usually have to take care of the planning yourself and only get the support of local traders and service providers for some offers. This applies, for example, to the snorkeling tours on the island’s beaches. A little away from the sun worshippers, you can explore the great underwater world of Thailand’s waters. If you don’t like to go underwater, you can take a kayak tour through the mangroves, which have hardly been touched by tourist ambitions so far and therefore offer a very original impression of what the nature of Thailand is like.

All in all, Koh Phayam is something like one of Thailand’s last adventure vacations. No wonder that many backpackers and other adventurers are drawn to the island. If you have the chance, you should decide to visit now. It is almost certain that this island will also be developed more for tourists in the next few years and will thus lose an important part of its original charm