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Wer mit Freude tolle Reisen und Ausflüge machen möchte, benötigt verschiedene hochwertige Utensilien, Bild: Olga Danylenko / shutterstock

This travel equipment should not be missing on any trip

Traveling is especially fun when you are prepared for every situation in the best possible way. That’s why it’s a good idea to put together a comprehensive and high-quality travel equipment . This should include components such as a water bottle, rain jackets, a backpack, a power bank, inflatable travel pillows and a first-aid kit. This article explains what to look out for when choosing the individual travel utensils.

A reliable water bottle

Especially if you are planning an adventure or camping holiday and want to be out and about a lot in the great outdoors, you need a water bottle. This ensures that you don’t get dehydrated even during extensive hikes and summit experiences and that you can enjoy the excursion without headaches and dizziness. It is important that the respective bottle closes reliably and has as low a dead weight as possible. It should also fit well in the hand and be easy to clean.

In many cases, it is practical to use a water bottle with an integrated filter. So you can not only take drinks from home, but also take liquid from streams and drink it on the go. The filters should reliably filter out as many pathogens as possible from the water so that you don’t catch anything during the trip or an excursion. It is also important to replace the filter regularly so that it always does its job reliably.

Weatherproof rain jackets

Weatherproof clothing and especially rain jackets are extremely important when traveling. Again and again it happens that you are surprised by a rain shower on excursions. Men who are well equipped, e.g. with a high-quality rain jacket from campz.de , stay dry and the risk of catching a cold decreases. It is important that the respective rain jacket has a reliable zipper and offers several pockets for different utensils.

The sleeves in particular play an important role in rain jackets. So it is practical if they are removable. Then the jacket can also be worn when the rain subsides and it gets warmer again. In addition, reflective details are helpful to be seen well even in the dark. For the highest possible wearing comfort, underarm ventilation is advisable. For the sleeve ends, cuffs are practical. In addition, the jackets can be individually adjusted if the sleeves are elastic and width-adjustable .

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Backpack Camping
Many travel and excursion utensils can be stored in a high-quality backpack, Image: NAR studio / shutterstock

A backpack should not be missing on any trip. All utensils that are needed during the trip can be stored here. It is practical if such a backpack has one large pocket and many small pockets . This provides space for large utensils and at the same time small things can be packed neatly and easily find. The zippers on the backpack must be stable in order to survive even frequent opening and closing effortlessly.

The size of the backpack must be adapted to the user. There is no point in having many compartments for numerous items if you can’t get the backpack up or if it causes back pain. In addition, the backpack should have good ventilation so that sweating does not occur so quickly when worn. It is important that the straps of the backpack can be adjusted individually so that the backpack is optimally adapted to the wearer during use.

A power bank

There are a variety of utensils that should not be missing on any trip, but can only be powered by electricity. From a smartphone to a headlamp to a speaker, there are very different things here. To ensure that there is enough power available for all trips, excursions and travels, a power bank should be used. This can be used to recharge electrical devices so that they continue to do their job reliably.

There are power banks in different designs and variants. Models with a solar cell are particularly popular. These can be conveniently charged using sunlight . This means that electricity is available even if you are on the road for several days and cannot get past any power outlet. The power bank should offer the best possible performance, but be compact, handy and light.

Inflatable Travel Pillows

Inflatable travel pillows should be taken with you on all major trips. These are especially practical on excursions. They can be inflated within a very short time , so you don’t have to sit on the hard floor. In addition, this prevents the pants from getting wet or dirty, which would noticeably reduce wearing comfort. But such pillows also do a good job in cars or trains, because you can rest your head on them when you want to get some sleep.

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It is important that inflatable cushions are as small as possible when not inflated so that they take up little space in the backpack. They should also be easy to clean so that they can be easily cleaned of dirt and reinserted. It is also worthwhile to focus on quality so that the travel pillows always do their job reliably and it is not so easy to get damaged.

First-aid kit

One of the most important components of a trip is the first-aid kit. It can happen again and again that you feel hurt or bad. Then it is practical to be able to fall back on disinfectant sprays, plasters and other aids . In this way, inflammation and diseases can be avoided and symptoms can be targeted. The first-aid kit itself should be handy and have a low weight.

Depending on your needs, a first-aid kit can be equipped differently. For example, some travelers find it important to have headache medication or charcoal tablets with them. Others attach importance to bandages in order to be prepared for accidents and to be able to avoid infections. There are also special tick tweezers that can be used to professionally pull ticks out of the skin. Disinfectants, wet wipes, sunscreen and ointments are also often found in a first-aid kit. The best-before date of the individual components must be checked before the start of the journey in order to be able to exchange outdated utensils and replace them with new ones.


For an unforgettably beautiful journey, a variety of utensils are needed. Before you start your trip, you should think carefully about which components you absolutely need and plan space in your backpack for them. Depending on where you are going and how far away you are from cities and accommodations, very different things are needed, from a water bottle to rain jackets to a power bank and a first-aid kit. The more carefully you plan here, the better the trip will be.