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Mit der passenden Bademode an den Strand, Bild: IKO-studio / shutterstock

The perfect bikini figure right away? With these tricks it works (almost)!

The pandemic is not quite over yet, but we still have the old freedoms almost completely back. Now it turns out that not everyone paid disciplined attention to their own figure during the contact restrictions. Too bad that after two years the first real holiday season is coming up. If you didn’t get a bikini figure in time, you can still venture to the holiday beach thanks to the following tips.

Tip 1: Bikini is also possible with small problem areas

No question, a bikini looks particularly sexy on a slim, well-trained body. But also ladies who carry around small pads around their hips and stomach can be seen with the crisp two-piece. The Bikini High Waist immediately conjures up a slim silhouette that is absolutely suitable for the beach. The bikini can be a little more patterned, because this is also how looks can be controlled.

Tip 2: The push up bikini ensures a great bust size

Of course, the bust size does not matter if it is simply about swimming. But if you like to get a tan on the beach and are not averse to one or the other flirt, you may find just the right swimwear in a push up bikini . Even from a small bust size, a great cleavage can be conjured up by simply slipping into it, which no man can pass without an appreciative side glance.

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Selection of swimwear
When it comes to swimwear, you are spoilt for choice, Image: mcherevan / shutterstock

Tip 3: The monokini is not just a compromise

Some claim that the monokini is “nothing half and nothing whole”. You can’t even deny that, but that’s exactly where its strength lies. The monokini is as sexy as a bikini, but as comfortable as a swimsuit. Thanks to its sophisticated cut, the monokini can not only conceal some hip gold, but even make it fade into the background. If you take a look, you will see a great woman in a fashionable swimsuit of a very special kind. Cushions really don’t play a role at all and don’t stand in the way of a holiday flirt.

Tip 4: Shine

Swimwear doesn’t have to be boring. For some years now, bikinis, monokinis or swimsuits in gold, silver or bronze have been seen on the beaches of Europe . Such a glamorous appearance is great, but should not be exaggerated. A simple swimsuit in black or white harmonizes great with the metallic shine if it is limited to decorative stripes or inserts. Of course, the completely metallic variant also attracts attention, but at the same time they are extremely critical. “Can the woman wear that?” If you can answer this clearly with a yes, the glamorous swimwear is the right choice. Or the one who doesn’t care at all about the opinion of staring guys anyway.

As an alternative to shiny fabric, sparkling accessories are an idea. Not too opulent rhinestone trim or a chain in the décolleté are erotic eye-catchers for which you are sure to get many a compliment.

Tip 5: High-necked is sexy

Belly and bust have to be behind textile? No problem: Women with slightly larger curves will find a nice alternative in high-necked swimwear. The upper area between the décolleté and neck distracts from any problem areas. If you have a beautiful back, you can put it in the limelight with a high-necked swimsuit. Whether sophisticated ribbons, transparent inserts or completely backless, there are possibilities for that very special eye-catcher.

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Tip 6: The pareo

The smart wrap skirt is not suitable for bathing in the pool. On the lounger next to it, however, every lady cuts a great figure in it. A pareo (here you will find tips for tying a pareo) is not only available in every size, but also in numerous colors and designs. It’s also great that bikinis and pareo are a complete summer outfit that is not only suitable for sunbathing, but also for the beach bar or a visit to the restaurant. And here, too, no one thinks about the figure of the wearer.