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Das Kolosseum in Rom, Bild: prochasson frederic / shutterstock

The most popular destinations in Italy

Cities full of cultural treasures, picturesque landscapes and vineyards or rather Caribbean feeling in Sardinia? Italy makes the hearts of a wide variety of holidaymakers beat faster. Here are the most popular destinations for the pearl of holiday destinations in southern Europe:

Rome – explore the Eternal City

Rome, the capital of Italy, can confidently be described as the only large open-air museum. No wonder, since an empire was once ruled from here. Of course, the Colosseum must be on the to-do list. The monumental structure once hosted gladiatorial competitions and other events for the amusement of the Roman people – the sheer size of the amphitheater is breathtaking. But the Pantheon with its impressive architecture, the ruins of the Roman Forum or Castel Sant’Angelo are also on the bucket list in the Eternal City. Other highlights include climbing the Spanish Steps and taking a selfie in front of the Trevi Fountain.

The Vatican

It is located entirely within Rome and yet is even a small state in its own right – the Vatican, the hub of the Catholic Church and the official residence of the Pope. The sights of the small country bear witness to the richness of the church and make Christians and non-Christians pause in amazement. St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest sacred building in the world and impresses with its magnificent interior. From the gigantic dome, there are views not only of St. Peter’s Square. For art lovers, the Vatican Museums are more than worth a visit. In the palace with the treasures from the Renaissance there are Raphael’s rooms. But the Sistine Chapel, designed by Michelangelo, is also one of the most famous works of art in the world.

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Dreamlike Venice

Grande Canal Venice
Grande Canal in Venice, Image: Adisa / shutterstock

The lagoon city of Venice is considered a true destination for lovers and honeymooners. But hardly anyone else can resist the charm of the city built on water. Sailing through the canals in a gondola takes you under the Rialto Bridge or the Bridge of Sighs, and among the architectural highlights the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica stand out. At St. Mark’s Square with its countless pigeons, visitors soak up the flair of Venice.

Florence – Masterpiece of the Medici

View of Florence and the cathedral, Image: RastoS / shutterstock

Florence was once the cradle of the Renaissance and the richest city in the world. The most famous building is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its gigantic dome, which was considered impossible to build back in the 14th century. In a total of 50 halls in the Uffizi Gallery, culture lovers can walk in the footsteps of Italian artists: Da Vinci, Boticelli, Raphael and Michelangelo are represented here. On the famous Ponte Vecchio, guests can browse through small gold and jewellery shops and the Palazzo Vecchio with its slender tower should also be visited.

Pisa – Snapshot included

The city attracts countless visitors with its famous landmark – the Leaning Tower of Pisa with its impressive inclination is a must on a trip to Italy. Who can find the best spot to take a funny holiday photo?

Tuscany – for connoisseurs and nature lovers

Pisa and Florence are both located in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy – the name Tuscany alone awakens longings. Gentle hilly landscapes, olive groves and, of course, vineyards characterize the picturesque picture. A visit must include the enjoyment of a glass or two of Chianti wine. The Etruscan Riviera offers relaxation on miles of beaches and the Parco della Maremma nature reserve invites you to long hikes.

Elba – Tuscan Island

Elba – About 10 kilometers from the mainland, the former exile of Emperor Napoleon is ideal for a day trip. From the summit of Monte Capanne, travelers look out over the shimmering turquoise Tuscan archipelago with its many small islands, and pure relaxation beckons on the beaches.

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Cinque Terre – the famous five villages

Vernazza, Cinque Terre
Vernazza, Image: Whatafoto / shutterstock

A picture straight out of a book awaits holidaymakers with the Cinque Terre, which are one of the most sought-after destinations in Italy. The small villages are built directly on and on steep cliffs on the Italian Riviera and the houses inspire with their beautiful colors. The 5 Ligurian gems are connected by a hiking trail.

Pompeii – unique archaeological site

The most famous eruption of a volcano in the history of mankind took place in 79 AD. The ash clouds of Mount Vesuvius hit the ancient city of Pompeii with relentless force, burying the thriving place under ash and lava for centuries. Today, guests can once again walk the streets of the city and immerse themselves in the fate of the people of the Gulf of Naples at that time.

Capri – glamour and jet set

Italy, Capri
View of the coast of Capri, Image: S-F / shutterstock

If you have been to Pompeii, you should definitely plan a trip to Capri afterwards. The island in the Gulf of Naples is considered a center of attraction for the rich and famous. With a bit of luck, you can meet one or the other celebrity here and admire yachts in the harbor. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can sail to the fascinating blue grotto in a small boat.

Lakes of Northern Italy

A sought-after destination in the far north of Italy are the Upper Italian Lakes with their Mediterranean flair. Lake Maggiore, Lake Como or the famous Lake Garda – bathing fun with a view of the peaks of the Alps and water sports are among the preferred activities here. But the region is also a true Eldorado for hiking enthusiasts and mountain bikers.

Sicily – Italy’s largest island

Isola Bella, Sicily
Isola Bella off Taormina in Sicily, Image: IgorZh / shutterstock

The largest Italian island has something for everyone. Families can spend relaxing days here on beautiful sandy beaches, and water sports such as diving and surfing provide variety. Active holidaymakers go on a hike in the interior of the island and sightseeing is not neglected in Sicily . Walks through the alleys of the old town of Palermo are just as charming as visiting the ancient theatre of Taormina or archaeological sites of Agrigento.

Sardinia – the Seychelles of Europe

Sardinia more than lives up to its reputation! On the Emerald Coast, the Mediterranean Sea glistens in all shades of blue and turquoise, and the coral reefs of the La Maddalena archipelago can easily compete with diving spots like the Seychelles . Another natural jewel of Sardinia is the famous Neptune Grotto.